Day D: With the first drowning con fun, they were investing boats for children

Swimming teacher Stanislav Bartoek wants to grow his business. It is considering the production of electric boats for children from the age of three. The investor requires 400 thousand crowns to establish a company that will produce them. In return, offer them 35% of the profit.

From the acquired pensions, it would create a hull hull, which is not limited to one type, but it will be possible to adapt it to the required customers. String one, I’m talking about changes to the actual ship, e.g. yacht engines. From the required pensions, it fills in producing molds for those types of boats and about fifteen pieces of boats. One form could be handcuffed and 10 thousandth.

In the TV show Den D, Bartoek also outlined the possibilities where you can go for a long time: “The use of a boat is mono according to the hull anywhere. On any water surface, for example in the pool. This is ready for operation at normal swimming pools. ”

At the same time, he had prepared for investors and gave suggestions on how boats can look like that. A part of the project, in which Bartoek demands investment, is also the rental of these boats.

Marta Novkov first takes the floor from the investor and wonders how Bartoek worked on this idea. He had it for a while. He remembered when he drove to the sea as a child, he didn’t have the opportunity to pull out such a seat, because there was no technology with a powered electric motor. It appeared and in some ten fifteen years and now it is possible to tie this engine into the water, it would not endanger the safety of children or adults.

Furthermore, the investor Ivan Pilnho is interested in how it is with the certification for a product of this type. Bartoek admits that certification for operation is understandably necessary, he does not eclipse it. Only components that would use the device, motor, drive batteries have certification. Bartoek would require certification for the specific shape of the boat.

I am so worried about my child’s safety. What will ever go unchecked? Bartoek suggests equipping the elbow, for example, with a long-distance switch: “As soon as it gets a little longer from the run, the electric motor should be switched off and waved to the dt again so that it will drink back when you turn it on again.”

Investor Tomio Okamura is interested in the production price. According to Bartok, it will deviate from the type of hull. “The rubber hull, as soon as you have the form, the production price is about 300-400 crowns, the engine and child about 2 thousand crowns, the battery would be 500 or 5 thousand crowns,” says Bartoek.

After all, investors will start to deal in more detail with quite a significant thing – the safety of children in the meadow. Okamura asks first: “How is it ensured that this child does not run out of water when he is on the water and therefore he can’t get back?”

Bartoek assures him that the idtka could be equipped with LEDs that would show how the battery is charged. If it was discharged, it would glow red and the baby would first notice, according to this color, that it was discharged and could be spun back.

Dana Brová was immediately inspired by the conversation between Okamura and Bartok: “I think you should go to the required investment to take the cost of a swimming course for parents, because I think they should be able to swim not only breasts but also crawls.” Bartoek immediately responds: “The speed of the boat is about two kilometers per hour. Even a good swimmer should do it. ”

There has been a debate about the breeding of young children. Bartoek, my own child, is a teacher of young children, a young child, also in the way children at the age of 3-4 behave. It is believed that this is how the children should have managed it and so they will be wearing a life jacket.

Ondej Barto, father of a two-year-old son, disagrees with us. He can not be sure that he should sit still and not jump out of the bow. And what then, and he will bathe in the middle? Not even an experienced swimmer can swim fast enough to save him. So he wouldn’t buy it for children, he wouldn’t invest in it.

Marta Novkov, who rejects and actually reveals the true reason for the required investment, is: “Stanislav, I must honor that we are ready to invest in business projects here. This is a game for vs. And I really won’t invest in ie. Thank you, I don’t eat. “

Okamura also refused: “Martha also said here for a very long time, it’s a game for everyone, for your network, it’s your hobby and unfortunately with the first drowned child, it’s all fun, and our investments.”

Ivan Piln went to the top to think about the city to use electric locomotives and the much-discussed safety: they didn’t let it run there with it. Also, it’s easy for some ponds and such things as there are some boat rentals. And there are all the dangers of the kind that catch it and start behaving irrationally in certain situations. ” So he will not invest.

The last person to go out and not want to invest at all is Dana Brov: “I understand that children might like to flee through the pond, and because I know his son, I know that in those years he could not imagine better don’t get as far out of my reach as possible. “

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