Day D: When the gold is hot, sell the pumps, the investors advised

Mr. Taliga and his son drove to introduce biomass briquettes to investors. They built a press themselves for their production. Investors made their npad quite lb. But businesses would turn to making a press not a briquette. As with gold, hot vc is issued by the seller krump not looking for gold.

Father and son Talig from Slovakia give investors one and a half million Czech crowns for 20% of the floor. ”The briquettes are made of biomass, specifically of slime. The suitability of this fuel is mainly its toughness, not for example at low angles. Pay me for biofuel from biomass, not for wood and coal, ”describes the Taliga mlad product.

Of course, investors are interested in what their pensions will be used for. The Talig would like to share a production line for the production of these briquettes. They would need an est and eight lis. Pr sold them and they have two divided at home. They do not sell ecofuel for sale, so they would like to produce them in bulk and offer them to all companies.

The bird investor dreams of getting a father and son to get information on how they would like to sell the briquettes. Do not get a specific answer for a quarter of an hour. Taliga only needs a large machine to produce more briquettes.

Investors are interested in when the possible costs would be poured into their part. “I think you could have your pension back in two, up to three years,” says Taliga star.

Talig is fulfilling that the briquettes will be taken from the power plants and heating plants in the entrance Slovakia. They have no deal agreed with anyone. Rely on the interest of people living in family houses. It is cheaper to use wood or charcoal.

“Do you really want to make these briquettes and not sell those machines? What kind of mari do you have on those presses? ” ask Michael Rostock. “Well, let’s sell the presses for 280 thousand Slovak crowns plus VAT, material costs are around 130 thousand crowns,” said Taliga star.

Investors recommend focusing on the production and sale of briquettes. Michael Rostock puts it best: “When gold is hot somewhere, earn the most money by selling shovels, crumbs and monsters, because the gold digger has not gone hot on the gold itself and you want to dig gold and go sell the crumbs. Visibly, we are not able in any way to encourage you to sell only the crumbs, because they are in the middle of it, ”Rostock said, adding that I don’t care about the project at all.

Tomio Okamura is also losing his temper: “I have patience, you want a million and a half for twenty percent, I also want a relevant answer, with the agreed distribution and how full it is in business.” Taliga basically repeats that he wants to make briquettes, because he is interested. Okamura then subjected both entrepreneurs to metal hearing. Neither his father nor his son are able to answer his questions about sales, distribution and websites.

The Talig do not even have machines patented. According to them, this is not necessary. Dan Brov did the lb project, but the pension did not contribute to this business. On the way home two Slovak good advice: “The whole project is interesting, but I’m full of dr. In your town, I would first test the briquettes on the two presses, sell it to a neighbor in the area and then go for another press. ”

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