Day D: The programmer asked about a million for software that will increase your pension by 38%

Automated investment in the financial market. With this project, programmer Tom Matjek told investors about pl million crowns. For this, offer to provide a dedicated program.

Matjek all his software for buying and selling me. “The software is connected to the Internet and can decide when to buy what.” However, right at the end of the pipette, that the program makes me a mistake: “Not always, of course, it somehow makes his decision. Not always determined, let’s tell you the right trend, not always do the business as it should, and therefore it is necessary to divide the risk in some way. “

The program does not focus on trading with one me, but the investment is divided into cities. Let me appreciate the help of others. “The investment was $ 12,000 a year and $ 16,600 fell out at the end of the year,” says Matjek’s own experience.

Ondej Barto asks: “Is this a real example of a real $ 12,000, from which 16,600 were born, right? And you use the software to enhance your resources? ” Matjek vhav answered: “No. This is a model based on real data, but it is just a model. Last year I had this software available and I put my resources into it, but I set the risk a bit high. What you see here is ron by 38% and the risk is very low. ”

Marta Novkov joins the interview: “I admire your honesty about admitting that you sold your own funds, because persuading investors to invest in this software with this letter is quite free. On the other hand, if you issued, you are not here. ” According to Novkov, he is sure whether Matjek will sell the license for this product. Matjek only offers to join the program for free for investment funds. Evaluated, rd would then share fifty-fifty with investors.

Tomio Okamura promised himself something else from the project. “I thought it would be a company with which you have a lot in advance, some banks or other institutions where they could offer you a client to try it out. In this case, the whole risk is transferred to me. Take it for the first time in the first round since I’m here, km, I don’t know about this. “

Matjek here that he will not get a pennant for his project. That’s why you try to catch your breath and give investors a different offer: “And it would be possible to create a company that would offer this to other people and, of course, would only get those profits. The risk would be on those other people. Of course, they could set a risk somewhere on the web that they are willing to accept. ” Change of offer and request is not allowed. Other requirements and suggestions are not permitted. That is why Matjek must stay with his original project.

Ivan Piln spoke about his experience: “One company offered me similar services and currently against us in court in Switzerland. Vichni received quite large punishments and debt to many people. The result of your investments can be expected. You will ride a bike until death. ”

After Matjka’s departure, Brov pt Pilnho, for such a project before time at all el. “It simply came to our notice then. It was just. Then they drank and said: give me a pension. And he gave them to them. They had a bar on Vclavka, where it was full of such people. Some of them, as I heard, robbed the association’s treasury and gave it everything. Somehow the gentleman, who had spent her whole life as a gardener, also put all her pensions into it. It’s not a casino, ”Piln recalls. Even a master investor sometimes cuts off.

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