Day D: The investor called the crushed bottle crank from the madhouse. And he was right

Jaroslav ern gave investors 600,000 crowns for his invention – the crumb of plastic bottles. For invested pensions, offer 10% in companies. After unveiling the prototype ern stated that investors probably don’t know what it is. Ivan Piln answered the conversion question: “Klika od blzince”. At that moment, there was no idea that he would be behind his year for the entire duration of the presentation.

With a loose fastening broker, Jaroslav ern demands pensions mainly for the completion of the structure and gave production. Strojaina entertained him and made him crumbly.

Dana Brov asks about the price of crushing plastic bottles. “There would be two variants, one variant would be for run processing and the other for electricity. A crush run would be for those families from the panel. Built-in it would be in the two kitchens of the line. Lose the bottle there, turn it and crush it. Tko estimate your calculations. If we did it in our facilities, we would get to a sales value of 3,000 crowns per run of pulp. It would cost about 6,000 for electricity. The net profit from that run machine would be 800 crowns and 1,000 crowns from electricity, ”replied.

Marta Novkov is interested in the crushing model. But it doesn’t work. ern pr didn’t have enough time to finish it. Ivan Piln commented on the interview and the whole project comments with the words: “When I felt at the arrest, that it was a handle from a madman, then I did not know that it was true. Do you know how much it costs to crush different vc…? If you saw with it, what would be 299 crowns for run propulsion and then with that alone for electric propulsion for 2,999 crowns. So I would say, okay. But you can’t do that. It’s also really a handle from the madman. “

It is clear that the crushing of plastic bottles would definitely be used more often than you need a frying pan. Dalm’s argument is the sale of the machine obcm. Because, according to him, the village should have an interest in crushed plastic. Possibility to see in possible subsidies, which he could get through the municipalities. ern try to defend the high price of the product: “The price I mentioned is gross and according to our ability. If I take a gear, which I will currently produce for 300, 400 crowns, then in the case of large-scale production, we will get you 80 crowns. “

He is very nervous and raises his voice: “I don’t care how much it costs, jemarja! Go green and have it spread out on a bike when you talk about those villages. Thank you, I don’t eat! ”

Tomio Okamura ties himself on thin ice and criticizes the Czech approach to recycling waste: “They are not as environmentally friendly as they are developed in Japan, where people also waste waste.” The rest of the investors are hj, ei they at home td waste. Dana Brov also proved this by statistics, according to which even more waste is not the European average.

But back to crushing plastic bottles. Okamur’s defects attached to the kitchen appliances. The product is woven, so it would probably have to be attached from both sides of the door. This would damage the appearance of the kitchen. He also doesn’t like the price: “From my point of view, the project is not marketable in all the masses,” concludes Okamura.

Dana Brov would rather tdit plastic bottles by sealing them. And for the “saved” 6,000 crowns, you better buy a few new shoes. Ondej Barto can use the product to imagine: “Let the people buy it when they buy a kitchen unit. The kitchen is a big investment, in which 6,000 or 8,000 crowns will be lost for such, probably electric shredding. ”But Barto does not want to invest in the project. At least two tips for the trip: “Work with dark kitchens. He also sleeps with the dark drama, even though it will rise. ”

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