Day D: The inventor of a mature device for allergy sufferers dismissed investors as arlatna

Tom Toncar and his colleague invented a device that had allergies. The invention is quite complex, as is its use. Pnov ask the investor 800 thousand crowns.

Toncar will immediately start a special description. His words are not an investment, and this does not change throughout the presentation: “The patient raises his hand when he is allergic, so the hand has 18-25 pressure, if not, so of course it is learned that the allergen is negative influence.”

First, they find out if the patient is allergic at all. Then an allergy resonator is used. “We do this by first gently stimulating the allergic reaction, and when we have the patient treated like this, we break it off by taking either the food or alcohol into his antiallergic database, where the inverted antiallergen is inverted,” sloit Toncar procedure.

Otoen energy vyl allergy

Ondej Barto is not interested in working as a working device, how he will use the 800 thousand crowns again. The answer is that they could register a useful model for them. He asked about what the invention is. “These are the resonators that are able to transfer energy. We can turn or amplify that energy, ”the inventor replied.

Toncar says that a similar device exists. Dv was sold for 30 thousand marks. He and his colleague are able to produce the device for about 15 thousand crowns.

Marta Novkov asks if this is just a prototype or if a piece has been sold. “This is one of the latest prototypes. We tried to go somewhere. I worked for 40 years in Frantikovch Lznch and mm kamardy between lkai, ”said Toncar.

Tomio Okamura still doesn’t understand, so try to try it. According to Okamurov’s zazen and softness, Toncar found out I was really allergic to something. Sm investor says that he is allergic to coca.

“Now that I’ve suffered from this allergen for a while, I’ll sit on that device and take the test again, so you should be firm. When you are solid, you will be in contact with this wind, ”adds Toncar.

Mystery of my saliva

It takes early morning on the lbu, but again, be satisfied with Okamura’s saliva. “It simply came to our notice then. This is like zero, which does nothing. Let’s get started, then let’s take the allergen first, ”Toncar said.

Okamura summarizes the investment: “Do you also want 800,000 for a certification for which you don’t know exactly if it works 100%?” “The device is so functional, and I have personally helped so many people in the field of allergies that I am convinced that it will pass, because no one can find anything about it,” warns Toncar’s colleague Hejna.

Both inventors assume that they could sell a hundred pieces for about 50 thousand crowns. Mare should be 20 thousand crowns.

Dana Brov asks how they actually drank. “I was very interested in Egypt, so I started with dark energy. Then I divorced it a little longer. For a while I worked as an inspection technician, then I ran the assroom as a technical director, then again the electrician. It also made me feel that it would be a different way. In the Orlické energies by Karel von Reichenbach, I found that this energy came from. That was the first pranpad, “said Toncar.

According to Tomba Okamura. Okamura can sit on the idlik, set up the resonator and head north. “It’s taking bioenergetic information from his handkerchief that he sent,” says Toncar, who works with the machine.

Dana Brov tries to sum it up: “The device basically helps Mr. Okamura to create counter-reactions to the allergen and he will then be resistant.” The inventor agrees and adds that he will last the whole season. Toncar advises Okamura: “If you happen to meet an elm you are allergic to, keep it with you.”

From the invention of the Arlatnstv

Ondej Barto sums up his opinion on the whole project: “Wait for probably many years and a long time to figure out how to turn this into a business. I see a big risk that it won’t be you who gave it to the business. ”

For Marta Novková, he finds the whole thing fraudulent: “Again, it looks like an arlatant and I admit that if I’m allergic to anything, here it is.” Dana Brov is glad it could be spilled. But the problem is that the inventors do not have with them a sample of arlatnstv that would be needed for “separation”.

Investors rejected the project. Whether Tomio Okamura is singled out, he knows, or his accidental encounter with the elm coccyx.

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