Day D: The inventor needs 75 million for a mini car. Pensions di divk

Her Hofman drank from Pilsen in his “own” manufactured motorcycle motorcycle. He needs 75 million crowns to complete the entire project. But the number of rules is limited, even after investors, 1.5 million crowns for a one percent floor.

“This motorcycle category L5 m dimensions 2060 x 990 x 1770 mm. Its weight is 40 kg. It can hold one plus one person or you can take out 600 liters of luggage. The maximum speed is 90 km / h, the engine has gasoline and the consumption is five liters per hundred kilometers. The sale price is 120 and 140 thousand crowns, “said Hofman.

According to the inventor, the motorcycle is suitable for seniors, small craftsmen, distribution services and the police even wanted to branch off their shoes.

The cart is 95 percent done, but Hofman needs a pension to complete the research and start production. Ron makes an estimate of 10 thousand pieces and the profit will be around 50 million crowns.

Hofman thus received some pensions from subsidies. This highlighted Michael Rostock’s ingrained stabbing system: “Be so good, tell me how many euros the viewers of this show have sent from their taxes through the European Union,” Rostock said. The answer is a hundred and ten million crowns, which was definitely not enough.

Ondej Barto deals with competition issues. “In India or abroad, ultra-cheap cars are made that can compete with you without any problems and are cheaper,” says Barto. “These five thousand crowns cost these cars, when they are made for India, when the pens made for Europe, the price increased to 90 thousand crowns. If I made my motorcycle in India, it would be cheaper, ”says Hofman.

The inventor received a pension not only from subsidies, but also from a specific company. The company vak dn podl from sale ned. Hofman would rd start a brand new company that would only deal with the production of these motorcycles.

Getting 75 million crowns is no fun. That is why Hofman also appeals to girls and teenagers: “I anticipate that if no one in the vs likes it and the audience sees it on TV, there will be an investor among them,” Hofman said. Without hesitation, he then made his own marketing campaign, and investors invest it.

Dana Brov wonders how Hofman would charge 75 million. “The idea is that 15 million crowns will be invested in the completion of development, five million will be construction work, another five million samples, 50 million for the preparation of materials for the 10 thousand motorcycles,” says Hofman.

Hofman first asks how the people at the gas station ask him how much the truck costs and he must be happy to go out with it. “It looks disgusting and it stinks. Please, what’s the joy? ” Rostock responds. Hofman argues that a new design is being prepared.

Dan Brov is quite a lb, but I don’t see good business in it. “I can imagine that someone will buy it for those pensions. But I think that the journey from the cart to the sriov production and launch is only long. Mch 1.5 million will hardly change it at all and the 75 million mon will not even cost, ”he explains his lack of interest in the Brov project.

Ondej Barto is a little rough. “The fact that you received ten million in subsidies confirms to me that the subsidized system is very important. From my point of view, this is not a qualitative shift in either the motorcycle or the automotive industry. You haven’t come up with anything new, nothing ecologically or economically suitable. That’s why I don’t eat it. “

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