Day D: The climber would put his head on the submarine. But he would probably care about her

Jaroslav Pomaha invented the acrobatic submarine. You can’t even describe your project due to your nervousness. The bag is definitely sure that it will sell. It demands 800 thousand crowns from investors for 40% of the floor.

Jete Pomaha m svj concept written. With all his strength, he prepared information beforehand: “The pension in the amount of 500 thousand crowns is intended to build a series of prototypes of a patented multifunctional vessel and 300 thousand for a film model in action for market research. And then the commercial evaluation of this prototype in a smaller form. “

Pihlejc are worried about his health, but Pomaha continues: “The vessel can put pumps on the water surface, but also deep below them. Or it will sail below the surface like a submarine.”

Ivan Piln se Pomahae pt: “How does it make sense? Someone will argue about it? Will there be a model leak, or a specific thing that gets somewhere below the surface, did something there, or what? ”

It helps him get the confused answer that he would like to persuade someone to make it large-scale. After a while, he gets diligently from it, that it is basically a game for models.

Tomio Okamura tries to summarize the current information: “It’s a dam that works like a ship and a submarine at the same time and can put somersaults in the water.” It helps to add that the submarine can do acrobatics even under water. “But no one will see the furnace unless the submarine is in the pool,” Okamura said.

“He gave the variant that it would be used for people,” dreams of the possibilities of his Pomaha project. “It will work by snatching your floats and launching it with the help of a reel to the exact depth, and it can be a police submarine.”

He helps to try to impress his invention with the necessary reality and divorce of the link investor who published about the submarine. In the past, the submarine was also patented, but unfortunately there were not enough pensions for patent fees.

Dana Brov dedicates herself, which Pomaha d: “Take a film for 300 thousand to show how it works, and for the remaining 500 thousand a prototype will be made, and based on that, a market research has just been carried out, if at all sell. ” Helps consent.

“But what if no one wants it,” Brov asked. “I can’t imagine anyone on the globe wouldn’t buy it. I would put my head on it for that and I love life, ”said Pomaha. Dana Brov would definitely not want to risk Pomaha’s head. I do not care about the project and the investment. Ondej Barto agrees with Brova and so he does not go into the project.

Okamura, on the other hand, is firmly convinced of the functioning of the submarine. But it bothers him that Pomaha certainly does not act as an entrepreneur who would be able to sell or offer something. “You are an inventor, but you are not a company manager. There it wants a quick, exact wash, not a day of confusion. I have that quick barrel, ”says Okamura.

The price for which he would like to sell Pomaha hraku is around 10 thousand. What is really high and gave a reason for investors in the project did not pay a pension.

Ivan Piln finally advises Pomaha how to present the invention: “You have to read this: When you build it, you can check for 150 thousand, because all other ways are expensive or you don’t get where you have to, you have to put some competitive advantage over other products. ”

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