Day D: Silk asked for 300,000 to lift a beer keg or flexible bar

Jaromr Bakalk is, from the point of view, a man. No wonder he owns a gym. But he didn’t play with this business until D-Day. Investors up to 300 thousand crowns to break the silck world records.

Jaromr Bakalk does not offer a fully classic investin zmr. From the pensions of the investor, he wants to finance his own physical training, his own promoter (which he does not yet have) and initiatives for which he would break world records. It is assumed that after such a thorough preparation, he could win sponsors for the show at the top of the record. And from their contribution would subsequently pay the shares to investors from Day D.

“I’m strong,” introduces the young owner of the gym, “I tried to invest in real world records, such as a locomotive running around the neck, a lorry without a leg support or lifting a full beer keg from the ground over his head several times during one minute. “

Bakalk zan pedvdt sv silck pieces. The exhibition literally scares investors. Dude first bend the dog’s head iron ones. There seems to be nothing wrong with that.

Dana Brov has been returning to business since before. “How much do you really want from us and what do you offer for it?” “I would like to invest 300 thousand crowns. Nabzm under 20 percent. The one who sponsors the record will pay for the investment, ”explains Bakalk.

The investor proves that Bakalk bends on iron-soft teeth and dogwood to set a peculiar world record. But there is no pehldka sly. Bakalk is about to lift a keg full of beer by the head several times. Tomio Okamura wants to try it too. The barrel only lifts a little. It doesn’t work for you.

The world record is raised by this barrel 25krt per head. I will pick it up fifteen and twenty times, ”Bakalk points out. Sudem dock and toit.

once me drink as investors

From the point of view of sly, there is nothing to complain about Bakalk. Especially after putting an iron tie around your neck. The pieces that before do not look dangerous. Endangered by a prick and when two investors try to “untie the tie.” Not one of them moves with the iron and dream of not hurting the bodybuilder.

Dana Brova wonders if Bakalk is the holder of any world record. His sentence is definitely not short: “I am the holder of a world record of a 106-ton truck and a 26-ton truck truck in the teeth and several unofficial records. For example, in the back of a truck carrying 29 tons without footrests. ”

Michael Rostock asked the key question: “Do you have a promoter who can help you?” The negative answer to Bakalka definitely hurt. Even his “artificial” appearance on various children’s days and other events is so free.

If someone also wants to break the world record, they can ask and pay the commissioner. One commission costs about five thousand crowns, even if Bakalk does not have a sponsor, it is in the red. Even for writing in the book, no one will receive a pension for two days.

The calculation does not play cards for the gym owner

“So let me evaluate how many pensions you have received from the sponsor in the last year, how much of that was the cost of the commission and how much was left in m. I need to ask how long I get 300,000 for 20 percent, ”Okamura returns to the business.

“I officially set only two records and I got 20 thousand crowns from the sponsors for them. Pt tisc costs the commission and the cost of records are basically zero, “replied the owner of the gym.

Tomio Okamura is not very satisfied with the financial forecast. Dana Brov asks if it would not be appropriate to live with special exhibitions. Michal Rostock will catch it right away and offer Bakalka to introduce him to the first people who have invested in stunts and they will help you. would the furnace just give birth to a business?

Marta Novkov is not aware of such an investment: “I am weak. I was embarrassed when you bent the soft ones. I’m not even a fan of such exhibitions, to sponsor them. ”

Ondej Barto’s business is very interesting. However, he did not do anything with him for several days, annoyed or excited that he should help Bakalka break the world record.

The investors did not support the project, but we will see you Jaromra Bakalka in a spectacular show.

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