Day D: Shnm 800 thousand for mature Krepelkchromepoxilk

Jana Sissmilchov pichz to present her anti-corrosion varnish with vdr 15 years. It takes 800,000 crowns to complete its project with the mysterious name Krepelkchromepoxilk to the rough end. The investor offers 20% of the company.

“The product is based on a chemical reaction in which chromate is used to form iron chromate, rust is an acid of iron and they react with chromate to form an anti-corrosion pigment,” says Jana, who is a chemist.

Investors up to 800 thousand crowns for a 20 percent floor would be used by the pension for the completion of the production plant, for technological equipment worth 250 thousand crowns and 300 thousand for marketing and marketing. Thus, the product needs to pass anti-corrosion tests.

“This is a latch from the gates of Prague Castle,” Jana shows. One st is born Krepelkchromepoxilkem and the other is not. The results of bag uke and as. “How did you get to the loop from Prague Castle?” take Michael Rostock. “Besides ns they are mentioned and they had it there for repairs. I drank it from them, I told them that I would drill it in two days, ”explains Jana.

Ondej Barto se pt, v em tkv originalita vrobku. “The principle is that a chemical reaction between chromate and iron acid takes place after iron. The advantage is that it actually prevents corrosion chemically, “answers Jana.

The main effect is therefore to prevent corrosion. The material then did not rust for another 15 years. Mr. Jana tested his product with his brother, who has a barn for blood. Nateli ceilings and pipes there and after a few years the material still made stainless steel. “Do not corrode pipes even in cities, where blood and insecurity can then be washed away with water,” Jana assures investors with a practical example.

The two businesses did not appear

Mr. Jana owns one company. But as a businesswoman it owes about 250 thousand crowns and as a private person 50 thousand crowns. Also debts are not had. That didn’t really convince investors about Janin’s business qualifications.

Tomio Okamura asked if there was a problem. “Wholesalers wanted a maturity of six weeks and would buy for 250 thousand weeks. But I couldn’t spend five weeks without pensions, “Jana recalls of the time when she got into debt. Dalm’s problem was the poor choice of a companion who, as she herself, tunneled it.

The product is quite lb with investors, but the disadvantage is seen in Janinch’s business skills. “It’s often because people talk to business,” says Barto, “but I think that’s exactly what business is wrong. I am deeply convinced that you are a good earner. ”

Jana Sissmilchov did not get a pension, but thanks to her product, the latch on Prague Castle does not corrode you.

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