Day D: Okamura tried to run with a chainsaw and proved that he was not for anyone

Zlepovk in the form of a run saw was introduced by František Blaek. d investors by 800 thousand crowns first for a fifty percent floor, then the offer of the offer sn 10 percent. Investors could also try the run saw in the studio. And it didn’t turn out the best.

Blaek presents two types of light saws. One is one, the other is two. The saw can be cut most efficiently at the time of rooted trees.

It is best to try the saw yourself. Therefore, investors try to make the following tribe:

Tomio Okamura: Yeah, so wait, I’ll try. So I never cut a tree. But whenever I say it, then it can be
Ondej Barto: I’ll catch it.
Marta Novkov: You won’t say it.
Okamura: I mean, it fell into my shoes.
Blaek: He just wants to do it lightly, don’t go for it.
Okamura: I got stuck there.
Blaek: Repent, repent, only lightly, the bottom of the sun.
Новков: Go it sounds.
Okamura: Repent, those hands there, be careful, please vs… You don’t know me!
Barto: No hearing.
Okamura: Come on, yeah, like this, easy.
Blaek: Easy, just pull it.
Okamura: I’m really scared. Put your hands away, I really don’t want to be here, I mean it. I’m kind of stuck there.
Blaek: You don’t have the griffin. Understand, really lightly….

It is clear from the interview that the run saw is definitely not for anyone. Tomio Okamura showed it. After the saw is shown and the shoe is knocked out, a philosophical-marketing window follows.

“The whole philosophy of the run saw is not to go to the gym, but to work. Get your muscles involved, ”says Blaek.

Marta Novková is interested in what it is like for investors. “If a limited liability company was founded, where I would put my idea, I would ask for 800 thousand crowns. The result would then be an agreement, in which it is 50 to 50 percent, ”says the inventor. “If I were to do both production and marketing, I would go down. The exact offer would be ten percent according to, ”calculates Blaek. The resulting offer is of course displeasing to investors.

Marta Novkov continues to work. Ask for the store and production price of the product. “This saw would cost around 800 crowns and less than 350. Production costs are about 650 and 250 crowns,” said the inventor.

They were used to explain: “You can cut branches, trees in the garden or a sawmill for climbing equipment, which is trees,” says Blaek.

When asked how he saw the run saw, the answer was: “I thought that if the saw saw the motors in some way, I could recognize the run as well. I would probably compare it to the fact that when you want to get somewhere, you either ride a bike or drive. When you ride a bike, it takes a long time and you don’t actually share the noise and the bottom of the exhaust. This is actually similar, it takes longer, don’t make a long noise and it’s not exhaust fumes either. ”

Rd would offer his run saw to people who are in control of the environment and want to do something for themselves. Ivan Piln considers this idea, as sm k, to be absurd, and sp pauses over the offered ten percent.

Tomio Okamura suitability of the store straight away: “You are a mare that a mare on one product will be 150 crowns. You offered me 800 thousand for 10%. In order to have the 800 thousand crowns back and to have 10% according to it, then your saw had to sell more than 50 thousand. Do you think it’s real? ” Blaek smutn piznv, e ne. Tm ztrc vtinu anc na monou investi.

Ondeje Bartoe was interested in the saw saw, but so he has his feelings: “Frantika, I drank a lot of grapes, I can use it. It seems to me that it works when Mr. Okamura is not holding it. But we need to see entrepreneurs who have an idea of ​​how to spend on it. And you’re not God. “

In addition, Blaek would not leave the property for the first time as a business manager. The investor will decide on the last imaginary pension with his decision.

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