Day D: Multifunctional machine tool for 95% according to investors

Jelnek is a unique device for thin rakes. The invention can help with grilling and wine with a barrel. Jelnek is asking for 450,000 crowns and will offer 95% money for investors.

I have prepared for all such a device that is used for a lot, it is for a thin rake, a tool for grilling, a tool for wine for a large barrel, for a lot like a very small, calming one, it represents my project Jelnek.

Investors would love to see how the product works. But Jelnek warns them: It’s quite sharp, they would spit vs oi, you would sneeze and you would have to run away. It turned on, back inside. The gas from the plugged-in sulfur wick is then injected into the dry hose and in the ground of the sponge at a distance of 100 meters.

When you buy ordinary cartridges, try to pick up your invention Jelnek, it will come out only in the vicinity of a meter. Hrabo then utee and ije.

Tomio Okamura wonders what will happen to the dark rake in the country, and don’t be surprised:

Tomio Okamura:And then what will happen to them in the earth, with that dark mole?
Ji Jelnek:Do not let moles, they are gullies, but rakes, myths.
Tomio Okamura:Will they remain in the land then dead?
Ji Jelnek:Then there dung.
Tomio Okamura:Please vs, these are the methods then.

Inspired by Jelnek in India: Twenty years ago, I saw people walking across fields. When they find a species after the rat, make a fire, add herbs and twigs there and blow into the dry intoxication. And they’re sure the rat is dead, so they take the hoe and dig up the rat, and that’s their livelihood.

After this experience, Jelnka thought of creating a similar device for a thin rake. Investors, as always, ask about the price of a product. Jelnek estimates it at 500-600 crowns.

Jelnek does not want to devote himself to the project on the business side. That’s why Marta Novkov doesn’t want to invest in pensions: You don’t want to be involved in any business with this product, so your offer is 450,000 and you want 5% of it. Marketing and customs business should therefore be provided by the investor. Jelnek said that he wanted to reach an agreement with investors. But it doesn’t work.

Ivan Piln would have bought the product. But I don’t see business in that: It is definitely not an idea for an investor to whom something could be put, because I would have to work it all out, put it in those stages, set a price, do some marketing… Just the whole job, which is usually The investor who retires, as a rule, simply does not pay.

Tomio Okamura k, whoever knows him, can’t imagine him shoving a pipe to dry with rats. He did the same in the past according to when he tried the run saw.- tte Okamura tried to cut the run saw and proved that

Investors do not want to invest their pension in a thin machine, but they were interested in the project. Even if Jelnek did not give up marketing, he would persuade investors.

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