Day D: Lotyka wanted 1.5 million for medicine, which was also spilled by Mao Zedong

Tatjana Lukjanov drank to investors for pensions from Latvia. Offer them asn lk, who use mainly Tibetan medicine. Tatjana would like to gain 1.5 million on Day D and offer 20% for it.

Tatjana recently moved to Prague with her family. In the Czech Republic, he wants to distribute prepart in our market, which is based on the recipe of ancient Tibetan medicine. But Tatjana doesn’t know Czech times, so she brought an interpreter with her. But he was almost not needed. Investors have tried their hand at routine.

“Preparties are designed to base the cordiceps, which is basically a rare fungus that grows only in Tibet,” says Lk Tatjana. The fungus has an extremely beneficial effect and is called the Gift of God. According to Tatjana, this lk even poured out Mao-tung and Kim-jet-sena.

Michael Rostock will almost immediately offer Mr. Tatjana’s refusal. “It’s nothing against you personally, but I avoid investments of any kind of entrance character, my orientation is especially for the backward and with the fear of anything that comes to the entrance from Koic,” says Rostock.

Marta Novková is interested in how Lotyka sees the functioning of this company. Tatjana imagines that it would be a kind of center with a warehouse for the distribution of goods, a diagnostic and counseling center. “It will sell a wide range of all products at an affordable price,” he adds.

Ondej Barto asks how Tatjana has experience with business distribution. “Definitely ambition,” Tatjana replies, “and experience from this type of business. I set up a similar center in Riga. ”

Of course, Tomio Okamura wants to try medicine, so he is as interested in him as he is mainly different. This has a major effect on the immune system. It is the best possible prevention against all viral diseases. It is thus known for the treatment of the most dangerous and complicated diseases, including oncological and hepatitis C, ”Tatjana answers.

A whole package with a bird from mountain ants costs 25 euros, the three bottles with the name Ti valuables of the Phoenix bird will cost 40 euros.

“He was quite two years old when he got sick. The hunter should only drink the whole bottle if he is very ill, ”warns Tatjana. Okamura lk first studies. It looks like me and it tastes so good. Piznv that he wouldn’t just drink the whole bottle.

But that’s not the main problem. It is a completely unknown field for Dana Brrová. Again, Mart Novkov is not afraid that Tatjana does not have a fully developed business. “I think it’s a big enough code that you didn’t drink with your ears ready, because they usually interest us the most,” Novkov explains his disinterest.

Even Tomio Okamura would not go into this investment. “It is not possible for you to give 1.5 million and not prepare information about when the investment would be spinning. You should offer, for example, a unique distribution of canals, because a live food supplement is really a lot, ”concludes Okamura.

So Tatjana left the program without pensions.

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