Day D: It’s nice, they were investors. But they didn’t give you millions

The project that Milan and Antonn Janda want to break through is big business in the United States. The mastery of the technology for the production of concrete kitchen worktops is a relatively small bag. that the entrepreneur did it and added something more.

To start production, for which they have their own original recipe, get into the expensive lair of four million crowns for a 25 percent share in companies.

“That’s nice, it looks nice,” said Margareta Kov and another investor. The samples of concrete slabs look ignorant that they are made of concrete, would be guessed by few. Antonn’s case convinces investors that he can cast perfect charms with concrete, for example semi-precious stones, or mules made from holidays. “We are able to do practically anything on pn. We work with architects, ”k.

When the piece is the original

“I like it, it’s nicely done,” joins Michal Hanus and wonders how they drank the board to make the boards. “A lot of companies in the United States produce concrete kitchen boards, but it hasn’t gotten here yet,” Milan responds. It is a custom production, where the piece is original and moreover stimulating.

But both businessmen have been washed away. She was approached by several kitchen studios so that they could present their plates to customers. It is not enough to distribute only samples according to them, so do not make sure that customers share a plate with such a kitchen. Cena toti nen nzk. Get investors on your side?

John Vanhara probes how the track boards are. “This will cost 30,000,” shows Milan, “zazen one kitchen will cost an average of 50,000 and 60,000, but also 150,000, depending on who comes up with something.” In order to produce plates for the kitchen of the studio, the entrepreneur needs about 800 thousand crowns, he wanted to invest the pension in the production hall and the production itself.

“Does it go to the bathrooms?” get from the investor gave a question. Both entrepreneurs have a sophisticated production technology, the material is unobtrusive and can also be used in other interiors, ie not only in kitchens and bathrooms. They even tried it to make special solitaires, such as concrete stairs and concrete benches, which were ordered by renowned architects.

They wouldn’t get it in the bank

Michal Hanu, however, shakes his head, because the entrepreneur wants an investment from them and they prefer not to go to the bank. As they learned, they wouldn’t go to the bank. The business in the production of industrial floors, to which Milan devoted the matter, stopped. Gradually, he had to take several gates, even if he had bundles the castle, but still had to pay him about 1.5 million crowns.

Petra Rychnovská wonders how many people the entrepreneur wants to employ and how long it takes, the concrete slab is not made at all. As he finds out, the whole process is quite lengthy, the production itself takes about ten days, but then the board must another 28 days. Milan wants to cope with the production and only insights into the production with eight people. “I don’t want you to get ten inquiries from the kitchen studios in one month. You can’t stop kilns in one person, ”responds Petra Rychnovsk, questioning the investment.

Michael Rostock makes it very clear: “Play solitaires for double the price, stab yourself in the kitchen counter, I don’t know.” And finally, other investors have a similar opinion. “Be an architect, not a kitchen studio. Putting 800,000 into the studio is a full-fledged investment, ”Margareta Kov was the last to refuse to invest.

Instead, the entrepreneur takes at least some advice. Whether they will take it as their own and, in cooperation with architects, to produce exclusively concrete vtvory, nejsp uke as for a rich clientele.

  • Hynek Hork, Vlasta Zapletal Made In Poland, 1.3 million crowns 10 percent
  • Milan thing, Antonn Janda Kitchen concrete slabs, 3 million crowns for 25 percent
  • Jaroslav Hejnic KUL !, 200 thousand crowns for 50 percent
  • Miloslav Vodika, Petr Tinka Obloen, 1.3 million crowns for 15 percent
  • Tom Hemansk, Jan Krsensk, Ji ek Tmov manaer, pl million crowns by 10 percent

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