Day D: In Loreta, your business will not flourish, agree investors

tpn ulc in the last according to D-Day came to investors to present a project with a working name, it makes sense. Under the mysterious label, the hiding place of the cafe with the possibility of buying and testing a puzzle.

Entrepreneur tpn ulc demands 1.2 million crowns from investors for 30% of the floor.

Investors are trying to impress the information that the cafe will be at Loreto nmst. First, therefore, the bag needs 1.2 million crowns. The café operated in these two cities, but it is necessary to go pay a severance pay of 1.2 million crowns for the first time.

The investor does not like vbr localities at all. “Mm two friends who have one restaurant next to Loreta and another at Loretnskm nmst. Veer is dead there. It does not seem to me to be a suitable location. For twenty years now, it has been proven that it is really only about clients in a day, ”explains Tomio Okamura.

Marta Novková is interested in how the businessman worked on such a case. There are always a lot of cafes. “Mylenka was created in collaboration with a fellow colleague who has been playing puzzles for 12 years. He originally thought that he would only start a shop, but then the idea was born to combine it with a café, “said Ulc.

When you place a puzzle in front of someone, don’t leave it cold and start playing with it. Rd ulc would base its sales strategy on this. Only Tomio Okamura returns to the location of the puzzle café. He considers Loreta to be absolutely inappropriate for marketers. “People do not even go to restaurants in Loreto. At the same time, offer both food and food. So why should they go to vm? In addition, 72 thousand msn for rent seems to me to be really worth it. ”

argues that this is the best place they have found so far. They want to pay attention to the main tourists and Loreta seems to them as a strategically suitable place.

Dana Brov sees the problem for the first time in group groups: “It is nonsense to build a café only on tourists. They are here only in some mscch and this year there are many less than in previous years. If you were looking, you would definitely find a café without severance pay in an interesting place. ” He made a big mistake related to the preparation of the entire project to the impoverishment of investors.

Investments and puzzles are not offered by the project

Mr. Ulc gave the investor a puzzle. While the business is trying to solve the intricate game, the street continues to describe its dream cavern. “The puzzle is just a devoid of elements. You can have an interesting evening thanks to him. The whole space of the café will be fine-tuned into wood and metal, ”said the businessman.

Investoi sp e, as is what. Michael Rostock asks, for his own, he wants to pay severance pay for the café. “The severance pay includes complete equipment. If you have spaces without severance pay, you basically have to add them, ”replied ulc.

“What happens and you open the first cafe?” and Ondej Barto. “We want to stabilize our processes. For example, what should a person do and do, ”describes his changes ulc. However, Ondej Bartoe is interested in whether the entrepreneur would like to sell long licenses for similar cafes or operate their network. He would like to have several cafes of a similar type. This information discourages even the last investor.

None of the investors wants to go to the cafes with Mr. Ulc. The seemingly interesting location of the company eventually became fatal for him.

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