Day D: Herbs also for a million crowns

On Day D, Vclav Kune tried to dazzle investors with a real herbal beak without chemical preparations. According to him, he will settle the herb and he would leave with a million crowns for 15%.

“I would like to emphasize that at any time during the day, when driving a car, while walking, you can create herbs in these, even without water,” says Kune at the beginning of his presentation.

After a few minutes, release the herbs and after ten minutes, make the herb medicine. Investors will receive samples and honest advice. Pchut are tyi. How many are so healthy. For example, milk thistle can help with liver problems and the goodwill of the constipation on the nerves and stress.

The pension from the investor would be used by Kune for better packaging and large-capacity packages. “I have invested roughly three million crowns in the project. For this, for example, I bought a small packaging line and all the necessary certificates. But while we’re making weed on the ground. ”

The package costs 15 crowns and their taste is special. “No one can expect it to be abnormally sweet. It’s not a great thank you to buy because of the pungent taste. He’s sick to health problems, ”explains Kune.

Investors wonder if he has ever done business with Kune. “I had a mountain hut, I also worked a lot with people. Then I put plastic tiles on the walls and kits frying pans on the trash. I can help people with herbs and meats, ”the businessman deserved first.

how could be used in aircraft

Tomio Okamur did fall to Lb, but he fell hard. “It gives me a headache, as it works,” he says. “The main problem for me is that when someone needs herbs as well, it’s usually an old hunter and you don’t mind that much,” he pauses over the target group.

“Thanks is for everyone. There is no different day, ”says Kune. Ondej Barto asks how the market the entrepreneur wants to get confused about. Whether only for Esk or abroad. “Of course we would like to get to other markets as well, we have something negotiated in Germany,” Kune replied. Investors agree that such a product would not be sold in Germany for a while.

Kune has a very original idea where he could add it. “When you fly in a plane and fire, the flight will bring you a candy or a bag to equalize the pressure. If we distributed the bags to the planes, we could pack you in pairs. ”

“The jacks are very good. But that product is just the moral of what your business is. It is important to choose a target group. Your distribution strategy cl to nvtvnky lkren and healthy viv, what is quite a person had. Just don’t talk about marketing. The product may not be sold long enough to focus on marketing, sales and distribution strategies. For this reason, I don’t know, ”said Ondej Barto on the project.

For now, the city will only take a number of knee marketing. God forbid. Mart Novkov defects that the cut cannot be opened normally. The bag discourages her from seeing a lot of work on the project. That’s why she refuses to invest.

The question that investors suffer from is whether they are going to make bubbles. It was hard, yes. It doesn’t work for investors at all.

Tomio Okamura doesn’t really know how much I’m going to eat. The last investor is Michael Rostock. It seems that he could invest the pension, but first he puts the inventor to the attention of the metal. Ask for the name of a vkaek, a successor in companies, websites and more.

But don’t answer the investor. Herb’s dream fades and Mr. Vclav Kune leaves the house empty.

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