Day D: He wants to make diapers and raelin flakes. Is he a gnius or a fool?

Tom Drr piel imagine an interesting use of raeliny. Rd would produce medical and hygienic needs. Raelina could therefore be used in baby diapers, baby flakes and tampons. From the investor d 990 thousand for 33% floor.

While for most entrepreneurs means D-Day premiere, here and there there is an exception among them. Tom Drr appeared in the first series of events when he offered the investor organic concrete.

Investors assume that Drr will be better prepared, not demonstrated in the first place. But in order for the main business change to prevail, they must laboriously encourage him.

“The essence of my business is that for a long-term patient, we would make or do not want to produce under the license raelin’s pods, which are under the long-term disease, or raelin has a chemical property that neutralizes the sea. This means that it also neutralizes sweat. In addition, it retains heat. Due to the fact that it neutralizes the water resistance, it is possible to have a place of inserts in baby diapers, ”says Drr.

Raelina is thus attached as a sorbent to children’s flakes and tampons. According to Drra, it is an ultra modern complexity and can be supplemented with packs and gynecological flushes.

Michael Rostock is very brief after a short presentation, as always: “I started to make a coinage here because you didn’t address me. Try to explain to me how I will pay my pension with you. ”

“At the moment of granting the utility model, we will register the utility model as a patent for the widest range of countries,” replies the businessman. “Let’s face it and file a patent together and then sell it to someone,” Rostock writes, returning to the paper.

Ondej Barto is a little out of touch with Mr. Drr: “I have a very strong feeling that you are a genius or a fool. And mon the states to the end u vs stdaj. I am convinced that you are a gnome or a fool, so do not earn the pensions anyway and do not give the business out of it, because usually neither gnions nor foolish pensions earn much, for that reason I am not interested at this moment. “

Tomio Okamura is asked when his pension is drilled. Drr’s bag doesn’t answer: “When they won’t tell me how much a truck of raelina from Krsna costs, when they don’t tell me how much it costs to sew one blanket to the size of 80 x 180, what is it to talk about?”

“If they didn’t say that, then unfortunately the furnace here can’t decide whether to give me a million crowns. I don’t know in this case, “concludes Okamura.

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