Day D: A beer maker presents a npad from a pub. Smart wipes toilet

Vladislav Buchta drank in pubs with friends. In the morning, a friend went to the bathroom, and after a while, everyone was honored which way. Suddenly they had an idea of ​​how to solve this problem. They invented a branch that is connected to the forming pipe.

The comrades did not stay only with the idea from the pub, which usually disappears, but they really tried the design. He works like Makto, because it’s really poppy. Buchta demands from investors 400 thousand crowns for 20-25% of the floor.

So far, none of the investors really understood how the branched toilet works. So Buchta explains: “It’s simple. For each flush, which currently works on each exit, make a handle, connect with a forming pipe, put a fan that must be plugged in, or with a shut-off. Connect to the existing vents, to those under the ceiling. ”

Ondej Barto has a special opinion on ideas from the pub: “I always had a feeling, and I even hoped that such ideas from restaurants would start in the early or late morning hours, the next morning, when the staff wakes up and says, it was again pakrna. I’m worried that eu vs didn’t pass this reflection. It’s getting crazy for me. ”

Marta Novková, interest in marketing Unfortunately, Buchta Buch is not clear. Okamura likes the project, but he sees some shortcomings: “Of course, it needs to be fine-tuned. The main thing is how strong the wind is to suck in, because I don’t think it will be in the park. ” About Sle vtrku Buchta u pemlel. They have been trying to help the dreamer, so they have this problem.

Tomio Okamura asks for the sale price. “It costs from 2,500 to 3,000 crowns, even with work and transport to the city,” Buchta calculates. Three thousand crowns for odor removal are worth the investor. As for Ondej Barto, this product cannot be packaged and sold in bulk. “It simply came to our notice then. I believe that there should never be a product, and therefore there is no return for the investor there, ”says Ondej Barto, investing holiday.

Okamura finds the project very clever, but according to him, only a whole family will use it. Buchta misleads him: “I disagree with that. The smell is not affected by whether one or more people go to the toilet. I stayed in the panel for a long time, so I can smell a lot of the smell from the toilets. ” Okamura says that the problem is ir, not expected.

Ivan Piln calls the idea almost genius. He doesn’t understand how Bucht’s comrades are the first to cut the ground. However, I do not see the future in this because it is not a product or a specific service. “It’s just completely incomprehensible,” to Piln.

Okamura is upset that Buchta did not do any research on odor removal or the exact cost of the project.

“Come on, I’m making beer. I can’t imagine researching here for this. For that reason, I wanted to be able to address vs, ”Buchta defends.

Vladislav Bucht did not give his investors pensions. But let’s see you soon with his refinement. Ondej Barto even invented a better name than Makto, Vladislav’s tail.

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