Dan: How to apply the discount on wife, child and life insurance first

Discounts on taxes and taxes can be a great dream of income. However, if you apply for an agreement that you are not interested in, you will complicate your life. Finann ady can look at such mistakes.

When completing a tax return, they are often confronted with specific situations, and many people cannot deal with them properly. These are the most different situations, such as how to apply the discount on the wife and husband first.

Income and discount on a trained manela

In May 2010, I started my maternity leave, until then I had been working. I’m at Rodiovsk now. I heard that if I don’t have a day of income other than a parent’s contribution, he could apply for a discount on his husband.

The same income as for themselves (ie 24 840 crowns) can be deducted from the extinguished taxes, which are also in the household with the husband, who has no own income or is very small. The condition for entitlement to this discount is that the type of husband did not earn more than 68,000 crowns per calendar year.

However, you most likely do not meet this condition. This is the limit of gross income from employment (in all cases, approximately for three months) and so the pension that you received as a mother (another five months), which would mean that you would have to have on average less than 7,555 crowns for each month. .

The gross income from employment, business and agreements on the performance of work and work activities is included in own income. According to money maternity allowance (maternity), sickness insurance benefits (sickness benefit), unemployment benefits, payment (payment of wages) for taken leave, pensions (old-age, invalidity, widows and widowers), wives after divorce (not a child ) and income from the sale of real estate, which does not belong to the common name of the manager; ddictv, gifts

Parental allowance is not included in one’s own income, the other two state social support, including maternity and child allowance, social allowance, housing allowance and the like. According to the assistance in material need, contribution to the pension, social services, permanent contributions to the pension connection and building savings, scholarship provided to students constantly preparing for the future permit and income due to the care of a nearby or other person who is entitled to a contribution to the contribution pi.

The condition is in the common household
You can also apply the discount if you are not a manel for the whole year, you have to check it on December 31. In case you divorced during the year, you do not have a discount for months when you were a manel. Then he took away only a small amount for the whole month, when the marriage lasted. For each city it is 2,070 crowns. The decisive factor is the condition at the end of the month, also if you got married on June 10, you can get a discount from July.

Daov suitable for children and the end of studies

Mm son, who studied in the middle round in 2010. He graduated in May and did not get on the high bike. He started working from z. How to apply for a discount on dt? Can I leave even the holidays?

Confirmed about studying on the middle wheel, which he had in his son, salary and by the end of August, you can spend eight MSc, ie 8 x 967 = 7,736 crowns. The condition for the discount is that it must be a so-called dependent child who lives with you in the household. If the child is temporarily away from home, you are studying in another city, you will not lose the discount.

A child who is a minor (ie up to 18 years of age) is considered to be a dependent. The limit can be pushed up to 26 years, if he is constantly preparing for a future holiday or when he is unable to study or work due to a deteriorating health condition. You can also apply for the discount when a child under the age of 26 is studying (constantly preparing for a future holiday), but at the same time as studying, he or she is taking a discount on a fee and a student discount.

Only one of the parents will give me a discount. It is only valid for the calendar month when you raise the child in the same household, especially the month when the child was born. For example, when my child was born on November 30, you can leave for two months, ie 1,934 crowns. If they do not have an income, they could use this advantageously, they can apply the benefit to the child. The bag must meet the condition that it is also in the common household.

life insurance and its change

I am 40 years old and I am paying life insurance for another year. I claim an insurance premium of 12 thousand crowns every year as a deductible item to pay me taxes. Last year I changed the insurance company. I terminated the contract, but I transferred all the pensions so far to a new contract with another insurance company. Can I deduct insurance?

If you have terminated your original life insurance prematurely, you will have to return all tax benefits from previous years. Regardless of whether you paid the severance pay to a new insurance policy. It’s because it was originally closed and you closed a new one.

This is done by sowing all the money that you have put into deductible items in recent years (eg 8 x 12,000 crowns), and you enter this amount in the area of ​​2 tax returns as other income according to 10. It is taxable at 15 percent ( result 14,400 crowns). You then drink this tax for the tax you spend, deduct the discounts you are entitled to, and the surcharge will probably come out. He will then fly to the financial adu.

Of course, you can also reduce the tax deposit in the coming years, which you will send for a new insurance policy.

Otherwise, it is with the pension connection, you deliver there only when you terminate the contract in full. Transfer to another fund is no problem.

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