D-Day: Vychzkov hl, like Jry Cimrman, amused investors

Stanislav Kov was the investor to present his multifunctional invention. Vychzkova hl with last space for mobile phone, glasses, lky, compass, but also for dye against tons. Investors recommended his slepov spe as a curiosity in the Jry Cimrman Theater.

Stanislav Kov at one company, but his own experience led him to create a universal school, which is suitable not only for support. Investors are asking for 480 thousand crowns for 33%.

This head is all-round, I can serve both as a medical aid, as well as as a tourist or walking head. Once the integration is complete, I will have to go half the weight and volume, before giving my product Metal. The advantage of the inventor is mainly in the fact that thanks to the stick, the hunter has everything to take with him.

Hl is especially suitable for disabled people or elderly people who suffer from some sclerosis. I want to help them forget what you need and don’t have to look for it for a long time, because they have it with them. Either pinned on a crutch or on a bow, even in a wheelchair, I will name the future clientele Kov.

Tomio Okamura will explore the invention. It’s quite amateurish. So for chpu, the cost is 300 crowns. From a long time it looks professional, but it is such a help, the values ​​of hlOkamura.

The main interest is in how Metal found out that it would sell for a while. We looked at sales from two sides. From below and from above. From below, we asked our relatives and acquaintances. I was surprised at how many people actually need a head today and don’t wear it just because they are ashamed of it, Kov is responsible.

On the possibility of using multifunctional sticks, or from above, the inventor also shone through the Internet and local shops. In one store they sell ten sticks per month.

Hl with Karltejn logo

There are several areas where Kov would like to offer an original patrol head. From supermarket to dog internet shop, and to souvenir feeders. There, the people could buy sticks, for example, with the emblem of Karltejn. According to Kovov, tourists should practically drake and remember the flight.

Michael Rostock asks who owns the uniqueness of the product. another hl, when one hl breaks. In the case he has some electronics, a cell phone with an alarm, when something happens, he can help him. There is also the possibility of photovoltaic charging, that is, when I go on a journey, so the electronics fill me with sunlight, try to attract investors Metal.

Marta Novková was fascinated by how she owned this product Kov. In the materials he states that he bases his own experience. Mon it met all of the people who are flying. Suddenly a houser calls, the hunter collapses and takes him to the hospital. The MSC is then relegated to the support of the stick. At that time, I thought of all things in one hand, and so the first idea for a whole head was created, he describes his inspiration of the inventor.

Rostock has a potential clientele: Did you drink your product to your retirement home for a week? The metal answers no, because the current prototype is not made on the edge. The sub-industry product still needs to be manufactured. Rostock certainly did not believe such an answer, but he promised two metals: I think it would be a fantastic decoration for the Jry Cimrman Theater.

Marta Novkov pauses to consider whether the high-altitude architect is a joke, or the mind is high. Of course, completely vn, zn answer.

Despite the hard work and the unlimited possibility of walking sticks, the investor’s verdict was unanimous. Nobody wants to put a pension in the product.

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