D-Day: Investors would only give entrepreneurs a doctor from nonsense

Vysokokolk Zdenk put his energy into the company dealing with subsidies and valuables. Investors could submit by 490 thousand for 40% according to the newly established company. But subsidies are a daunting task for investors.

Zdenk immediately described how his idea is. “The mission of the project is to enable clients to draw from synergies. The vision of the project is to create a European social advertising server. The monetization of the project should be ensured through flat payments for 100% functionality, ”try to impress with foreign words.

Entrepreneur at one company m. It thus focuses on subsidies. Zdenk, a graduate of the University of Economics and a first-time student, wants to create a special portal. Through it, Rd would help small and medium-sized enterprises to increase the probability of obtaining a subsidy from the European Union. The website should allow the applicant to enter the administrative page of the grant.

Investors pay attention to it with the words of the subsidy. So Michael Rostock says, “What do you think about the fact that the subsidy is not an entrepreneur?” Zdenk agrees, furnace subsidies just hack the market. The discussion will intensify and it is clear that investors are not exactly supporters of the program.

Even though investors are not representatives of the subsidized programs, Zdenk does not give up and according to the explanation of his project: “In the future, those processing companies could disappear. And my pages could replace them or force a better approach to subsidies. ”

Tomio Okamura summarizes the information about the project: “The server is also about increasing the probability of obtaining a grant, not about reducing the costs associated with it.” Zdenk agrees with that.

“So how are the pensions going?” zajm se dl Okamura. “It will actually be the flat fees that the central company had to pay for its help with obtaining a subsidy,” says the entrepreneur.

Dana Brov doesn’t feel good about college. Foreign words, which he tried to enchant investors with, have had a speedy effect. “You will one day be a good element,” to Brov, “Have the ability to speak for a long time and not read anything. I’ve heard a lot of words here like synergy, intellectual capital, strategy, and I have to be very open to admit that I can’t imagine anything under that darkness. ”

Michael Rostock added: “I agree with Dana that you could get a doctor from nonsense.” Rostock is probably the biggest source of the subsidy, so ask yourself: “What do you think about the statement that the subsidy does not get to you the best, but to those who have friends in the given ministry?”
“I dare say you’re wrong,” the future leader said stubbornly
Rostock: “Isn’t that right for me?”
Zdenk: “Because it’s always about the qualities of the project.”
Rostock: “Great, those subsidies have been going on for about 10 years, or how long, how many companies do you know, that in the end of the subsidies they got into some other sectors and did something? Name me two or three stars of the Czech industry that have grown on subsidies in the last 10 years. ”
Zdenk ml.
Rostock: “Of course, they are not, but you can tell me when to oppose it, if you name it.”
The answer is again silent.

Similar sites even exist

Dal stone is once and for all that Zdenk did not do a market analysis. The subsidy deals with these websites, which are directly organized and sponsored by the European Union. “If you actually did an analysis of how the subsidies are, and in how many cases the processing of the project plays a role, then you would not be able to come here at all with this project,” Novkov said.

Rostock concludes the presentation with an apt statement: “It turns out that the road to hell is often the best mind for a long time, and subsidies are, in my opinion, the road to hell.” So Zdenk left empty-handed.

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