D-Day: A poor businessman used to hope he was saved by leeches and investors

Radim Prokop presents a cosmetic line made of leeches. It is not his invention or product. This is a Ukrainian product. In the past, Prokop didn’t succeed, and even this didn’t work. Therefore, investors saw 800 thousand for 25% under the company.

Right on the water, Prokop is a company in charge of making cosmetics from leeches. The medical-scientific company has 8 world patents, a Prokop trademark and an exclusive contract. However, he soon admits that his exclusive contract for a straightforward event. However, I have excellent relations with the company, I also do not see a problem in that.

Tomio Okamura makes sure: “You also offer a distribution company that will easily distribute cosmetics. So don’t offer it to the company that makes it? ” Prokop consent. Okamuru is interested in whether Prokop has signed any contracts with Czech perfumeries or suppliers. “The answer to your question is that he still has hidden emails – I took your cosmetics, I’m happy with my daughter when they will give the products,” said Prokop.

Okamura wondered if Prokop could “freeze” him a little. But Prokop was surprised by the rejection. “I’d like to fry Rd, but I brought this to show only as a sample,” to Prokop. Okamura is chained pt: “Are these models?” “It’s not a model, but it’s a sample that I was the only one left, because I used to present it as such to the starter and take what they took from the goods,” said Prokop and two investors. “I won’t close the tube, don’t worry. So that I don’t devalue the last product, ”said Okamura, a poor businessman. Prokop was given a pension by one of the relatives. According to him, he drank 5-6 million crowns.

Okamura, by interest, how much Prokop sold, not his pension mines. After a brief mistaken answer, he sold products for 1.5 million in 3 years. Dana Brov asks where these foods are so unique. Followed by Prokop’s long monologue on how cosmetics from leeches “keov ly, hemorrhoids, swelling and put things”.

Then go to the two pbhs who turned him into a Ukrainian company: “They told me about the man who had driven the house, the dog lunged at him and bit his nose. Manelka put it meaningfully quickly in the ice skate, took him to the hospital, where they drank it for him. After they kicked the leeches, you can’t see the scar today. They learned it from CNN and wanted to do it now, ”dream of attracting Prokop investors.

Ondej Bartoe is interested in the project’s marketing site. Prokop has no clear idea. Rd would start with existing contacts and somehow invest his pension in advertising. The assumption that in the first half of the year he would sell goods for 400 thousand crowns.

Ivan Piln would like to know how Prokop imagines the distribution chain and what he has done to ensure that no one pushes him out of the market when he does not have an exclusive contract. Prokop reiterates that he relied on his experience and contacts.

Dana Brov expresses her opinion without hesitation: “Well, Radim, whenever I listen so much, I’m not at all surprised that you drank your pension in the past. I even think it would be better if you stayed at the embassy or at another embassy, ​​because what you represent here clearly proves that you have no idea how to do the business, and you don’t even have the basic ones. vci. ”

Tomio Okamura doubts the distributiveness of the distribution: “In 3 years 500 thousand ron and then there will be a pension, so when I put 800 thousand and 25%, it is clear that I will not have anything.” And the horse asks how much one feed costs. Prokop nejv ml. How much does someone give wrong, in what country does it sell. In the end, he says that one meal costs 2-3 dollars.

The investor does not want to take part in the project, so Ondej Barto dv at least gave Prokop valuable advice: “I would say that this way of doing business is possible. But you should fly to Dontsk, negotiate with them the terms of the exclusive representation, persuade them to negotiate so that they can give you some samples or some goods in advance with a 3-5ms maturity. And then start the sale itself and you don’t need an investor for that. ”

The reversal of this presentation looks like an American film. Just as Amerian is able to look at the top of some of his films and arouse hope in people for better things, Radim Prokop concluded his speech in this spirit: “I am very happy to be able to imagine it. I am glad that I used to do what you told me, because it was a pilgrimage and because I am somewhere else not you and I can’t do anything. But as I cried, I am grateful for your words that they are here, and I will go like a bulldog and you will change. It will change for you, because when you know it and you want it, then you have to learn something and go for it. ” The flag did not fly behind them.

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