Cycling is in a basic insurance policy, you need to clap

If you have to play sport beforehand abroad, it is better to ask if the insurance is included in the basic insurance price as soon as the insurance policy is closed. In travel travel, sports are not like sports. For those ordinary holidaymakers there is a basic, ie tourist travel insurance.

If the client will play football, volleyball, swimming, table tennis, badminton, bowling, tennis and golf, all he has to do is arrange his own talent abroad, where these sports are automatically included.

How can I get interested in cycling? “It is so covered within the standard bond. However, it is possible to pay extra for the safety of cycling equipment and responsibilities in the operation of this sport, ”recommends Linda Paclov from the European Travel Insurance Company.

Adrenaline sports for boards and hundreds of crowns a day

The prices available for adrenaline sports fluctuate between a few plates of crowns and for hundreds of hundreds per day of stay. For example, Uniqa would insure a paraglider to fly to Austria for five days for 390 crowns, and European travelers will save the same hunter by 1,860 crowns. In the event of both, he would be reimbursed at least 2 million crowns.

The differences in the amount of insurance are large, due to the tariff policy of individual states, there is a different list of contributions from insurance in individual contracts. Somewhere the price is attached to other services. For example, clients of Pojišťna VZP can expect better prices if they own a health insurance card from the parent company Veobecn zdravotn pojiovny.

Climbers and raftai plat vc

For potentially dangerous activities, such as surfing or hiking, it is necessary to connect for extreme sports. What can be considered alpine tourism? “It’s a movement from two thousand to five thousand meters above sea level,” says Lucie Vojtkov from Pojiovna VZP, stating that the connection for extreme sports includes paragliding, rafting and diving with the help of a breath instrument.

This year, the first VZP company started a set of adrenaline lovers. A campaign has started with the slogan Risk only benefits. Offer people who travel on their own and seek adventure.

It is always necessary to arrange a special insurance if you are going to seduce abroad (any sport).

Mountain service bv in prices

Nvtvnkm hor obas pome z nuzu Horsk sluba. However, its reach allows me to drink astronomical contacts, when the helicopter also strikes.

In general, if the client has an additional supplementary insurance for active sports, the insurance cost for the scope of mountain rescue services in all parts of the world is automatically included.

Only this case has some limits bound to him. “As far as the search for the event is concerned, the scope of our mountain service in Slovakia, for example, is covered by the so-called insurance rescue costs of up to CZK 500,000, which are included in all offered tariffs. As for once, the costs are reimbursed from the insurance costs up to seven million crowns, “said Eva Svobodov from the Uniqua insurance company.

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