Curative vry: for an airsoft gun, a helmet or a breast art

Even if you most often buy equipment in installments, typically a television or a refrigerator. But there are also things in the statistics of company levels that are at least surprising.

“Loans are lead-free, customers don’t ask what they need their pension for. But from our research, we will find out what people are interested in and what they want to keep their pension in,” said Ondej Holoubek, Provident Financial. “And so we noticed the need for financial weddings, especially at the castle wedding receptions and the rental of wedding venues for a horse lunch,” adds.

There is fun and relaxation among the curiosities

According to the analysis provided by Home Creditlid, they do not hesitate to invest primarily in a variety of competitions. You go fishing. ”The example is the enthusiast, who recently contributed 20,000 crowns to the fishing moon. His Slovak colleague then invested roughly the same amount in a professional fishing rod and reel, ”said Jan Plaek, director of Home Credit.

But there are also curious images. Among the weapons provided by Home Credit vr, there was also an airsoft weapon.

“Airsoft’s weapon is not a cheap affair. The cheapest prices range from two thousand crowns, but the best ones easily cross the ten thousand mark. If we take into account the obligatory equipment in the form of masks, helmets and protective aids, as a result it is quite an expensive sport, ”explains Jan Plaek.

ei want to relax in times of economic uncertainty. And when they don’t, drink. Cetelem has recently seen an increased interest in psychowalkmans. Their price ranges from about 5 to 15 thousand crowns, depending on what zazen um.

I’m not, I’ll find the treasure

Among the unusual products for installments, Cetel has included a metal detector. ”The sought-after metal, and especially the coin, is becoming an increasingly sought-after end, especially for people who are interested in archeology. For searches with metal detectors, there are also various competitions, where you can place an object in the tern and compete who will find it, etc., ”says Cetelem Barbora Minksov. The addition of the most frequently financed metal detector is around 12 thousand crowns.

The customer who drank a hood in a space green color at Home Credit also wanted to improve the working environment. Such a balaclava will cost almost thousand crowns and it will be dark. Among other things, I have an electrically operated tinted glass that works either manually or automatically. Thanks to the solar lnkm on the surface, it looks as if it is ready for a flight into space.

And that you don’t just drink poor, the information from the company Cetelem, which provided for the construction of cars on LPG, proves not only for old and cheap cars, but also cars with a value of two to one million crowns.

For a healthy and glue look

According to Barbora Minksov, Cetelem financed the number of fitness clubs, meat butts and water filters for the water supply system.

“Now in lt ns we were surprised by the loans to enlarge the bust, just for the last week we provided you with an average of 20 thousand crowns. They took them not only from women, but also from one who wanted to donate breast implants to his partner, ”says Ondej Holoubek from Provident.

Na vechno nepj

Yes, but do not submit a replica of the weapon. At least that’s how Jan Plaek explains: “For ethical reasons, don’t go back with buying real weapons at Home Credit. The same is true for other types of goods, such as pyrotechnics, goods from pawnshops and erotic toys.

“The most curious about the loan we have ever met was a young man who called from the pub. Because we also provide cash loans with fast delivery times, he turned to us enough to bring him pensions directly to the pig at the castle tracks. Of course, we denied the loan to this applicant, ”adds Ondej Holoubek.

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