Cruise to Dran for a crown. The price of bombs also fell on the Czech Republic

Shopping on discount servers is nothing special. Dal bombs, which came to us from abroad, are the price of bombs.
Even for a mere crown, you can get a promise and more in the value of several thousand.

What’s going on? The discount server displays selected goods and services in a limited time and precisely set quantities for several times the price, often for only one crown.

Shop only for the fastest

Bomb’s shopping process is the same as high school students looking for an opportunity to sign up for exams. The principle of operation is that the server chooses the week and then displays the selected discounts for each day, sometimes between two o’clock in the evening. So it wants not to move away from the monitor and watch the pages. Never know in advance when the discount will appear. Plus, don’t even know what it’s going to be about. Whoever veer rd go to have fun, forget me koist.

And even if you manage to catch the offer, you don’t have anything under it. It’s such an adrenaline sport, sometimes it’s for seconds to decide. Anyone who takes a Facebook dog on the pages will immediately receive a discount on the depth. But even that doesn’t mean you’ll have a jump. The menu can also appear on the wall with a few minutes of bottom. And here you decide fractions of a second. An attractive offer will get only the fastest.

Tatark for a crown, a congress for a hundred

What can you think like that? For a crown, for example, a cruise to the Danube with refreshments (the original price of 1980 crowns), a tartare, which normally costs 200 crowns, an hour of bowling instead of 180 crowns, a ticket to a concert in Rudolfinum, which was originally attended by hundreds. The biggest discount was the age for plastic surgery, its original price was 10 thousand crowns.

For 390 crowns, the fastest way to get you a week-long stay for two in the Mln pindler (originally for the thousands) and the descent to Saint Tropez was even for 99 cities of the original 900,900 crowns. On the last day, all bomb prices were sold out within 40 seconds, confirming the need for a quick hand of the co-founder of the server, Tom Btrla.

Although it is far from everyone, a discount will be given. For example, Pavel wrote in the discussion that obombch learned from a friend. He tried it and immediately managed to secure the crown for the crown. I’m going to check it out tomorrow night, I know what’s going to happen. Anyway, I’m just hanging out, Pavel.

Now the second round will take place, in the future these discounts will be recorded regularly, to Tom Btrla and add that all the people get involved in the game, the more diverse the offer will be.

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