Credit news: the first card for women only and a free credit card

Two banks issued credit cards this spring. Komern banka has started thinking more about its clients and provides the first card for women. Raiffeisenbank, as the first bank, is the first bank to target those who call and make a lot of phone calls. Together with Vodafone, she introduced a credit card, which she can use for free.

The credit card for women, the so-called Lady card, is a combination of a new credit card and a discount card. It will provide its owner card with a level limit of up to 20 thousand crowns without income and a level limit of up to 250 thousand crowns. The bezron period is 45 days, and if you do not have time to repay the debt by t, the year will pay off at 19.9 percent ron (approximately 1.66 percent msn).

First and foremost, they are free here if cashless payments with this credit card exceed three thousand crowns per month. When you spend mn, the vs card costs 59 crowns msn, ie 708 crowns ron.

Interesting benefits provided by the Lady card are, for example, a handbag, a shopping net or a Home Assistance and Lifestyle service. For each card payment, one percent will be added back to the amount of the pension supplement at the KB Pension Fund.

You can also have a purse with a credit card

A safety handbag will come in handy if someone steals the entire handbag or steals its contents, such as cosmetics, a phone, a bicycle, etc. According to Komern banka, the filling will be provided for the purchase of new goods. The limit for one case is three thousand crowns and for the insurance event 10 thousand crowns.

Assisted services are a good thing. You will offer to organize and castle costs associated with the removal of technical waste in the apartment.

Sometimes the cost of an unpredictable havrie castle bank. “In the event of an emergency, the client is entitled to a maximum of 10 thousand crowns for the organization and the castle,” explains Monika Klucov, Komern banka’s press spokesperson.

The dark bag is locked on the card. You can also pay for cancellation tickets. This includes reimbursing the purchase price of unused tickets, for example in the case of a so-called sick cardholder or close person, which occurs no earlier than 72 hours before the event. The insurance also applies to cancellations due to a disaster.

Free credit with Raiffeisenbank

Mobile operator Vodafone and the Raiffeisen Group have started cooperation and started offering a new credit card in April. Getting a card is free and kept in this way, but only if you spend at least five thousand crowns per month. If not, the vs card will cost 45 crowns msn, ie 540 crowns ron.

Kreditka offers one of the longest periods. You do not have to repay your debt for 60 days, but after two months the rate will be 25.08 percent ron (2.09 percent msn). The maximum in the heat is 200 thousand crowns.

The advantage of the Vodafone credit card is the free option. When you pay for two and three thousand crowns for public purchases with this credit card, get one free weekend at Vodafone. The reward in the form of another weekend free of charge is a severance point for another two thousand extras.

Vodafone is free to join this mobile operator in the next season. The service is available for people with paula and credit. Be aware of your reward vs. the sms operator first, which comes in the evening or even at night. The bonus bag cannot be transferred to other family members yet.

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