Credit card from Volksbank

Volksbank has expanded its product portfolio with a VISA Classic Chip credit card. The card is intended for individuals over the age of 18.

To obtain it, you need two documents of identity, documents confirming the client’s income and keeping a business here with any bank. The limit that can be reached is 15 – 100 thousand crowns. Specifically, the financial situation of the applicant.

If the cardholder does not issue a 45-day period, he is obliged to meet the mandatory minimum payment. This and 5% of the total debts stated on the entry.

+ The card is issued free of charge, there are also free sending of free entries, keeping the card in the first year and sending free entries

+ years rate in 19.08% (belong to them on the market)

The Bezron period does not apply to cash withdrawals

If the card is offered free of charge, if the holder pays 25 crowns for keeping the credit card

There is a charge for not picking up the card itself, after two months with 199 crowns (so much is the number of cards kept in the 2nd and next year)

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