Coworking delivered a new size. Stv is with him social mixer

Flexible open space where a freelance entrepreneur, start-up and team of multinational corporations can work. But so a place where you can make new contacts, share ideas and create new business issues. And go to an interesting event. So look like coworking in a modern form.

Coworking is in our time. For example, HubHub opened a kind of coworking center with 2,700 meters in Prague in May. The Spaces chain also opened its second center in the Nile House in the metropolis, covering an area of ​​4,000 square meters. In Prague alone, there are currently over 60,000 meters of these jointly serviced offices.

Thousands of meters of tverench are in Brno. The last time they were joined was 1,500 meters of Tverench in the Mo-cha coworking center near Brno. You will also find this type of workspace in many other cities.

And no doubt there will be a lot of them going. Pesto will still not reach the volumes that are found elsewhere in Europe.

The information from the operator that they will open another two or three thousand square meters will keep coming up to them. But when we compare Prague with Berlin, which is the best, there is 310,000 meters of square and 150,000 meters of coworking spaces and serviced offices, said Lenka Hrudkov, head of coworking centers and flexible offices in the international consulting company CBRE. .

He gave the development of coworking and serviced offices to experts in the field of administrative real estate in a positive light. The growing interest in flexibility in the Czech real estate market can be observed mainly in the recent period, when there is uncertainty about further economic development, to Karel Peln, who leads the development of the Spaces chain in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Freelence and corporations

This makes the composition a bit more interesting for this type of space. While the two clients were a typical company with people, at present I have a lot of darkness here. And coworking operos quickly adapted to this trend.

Today, in these large centers, the country will find a freelance entrepreneur, even if you want freelences, start-ups, smaller and medium-sized companies, but such large multinational corporations from virtually all fields, which place your branches here on the start, projects of darkness or sdlen service center.

In the past, for many large companies, it was only temporary due to reorganization or reorganization, today this opportunity forms part of corporate strategy and agile management, adds Peln. When renting space in a coworking center, jobs can be flexibly added or reduced again. Management thus results in constant control over costs and work in the dark.

Chancellery with evening service

The coworking spaces are very flexible. Offer both open-air cities and closed offices. There is also a meeting room, a flower room with comfortable seating, a kitchen and a relaxing room. In our country, the combination of coworking space with serviced offices prevails, ie in the vicinity of the open space there are also separate offices, which are for rent with full service, adds Hrudkov.

The service is really a lot. And if it is a fully equipped and richly self-service kitchen, the possibility of a modern conference room fully equipped with all the necessary equipment. High-speed internet and a printer are a matter of course, describes Petra Klov, marketing director of the Cimex group and founder of the Mo-cha project in Brno. As a part of the service, the centers often offer you catering services or weekly sweats and small assistant work.

24 hours, 7 days a week

The possibility of renting itself is also flexible. You can drink from the street and rent a job or you a meeting room for just an hour. In that case, however, you will usually be limited by certain working hours. Stl clients and members of these centers have the possibility of ir. Firstly, what about the services, and so in terms of access to the premises.

You can also choose the rental period. It can be you one or three days a week, but also unlimited. The contract will be for a month, but even for years.

Msn’s membership in Prague with unlimited access will cost about 5 thousand korunch. The prices include all services. However, if access to working hours is enough, you can pay less for 3,500 crowns. Cities can be booked online by default. These reservation systems and applications work similarly to reservation systems offering hotel accommodation.

Share you and my thoughts

But that’s not it. Coworking has shifted from the mere rent of jobs. I still support the community in this way. Klov is that you will meet inspiring and similarly smiling people from various industries and professions, who, thanks to the atmosphere in such a social mixer, will connect their ideas, find new ideas and encourage each other to be creative, explains the new trend in Klov.

In addition to renting jobs, today coworking centers host events and events where tenants can have relationships with each other. Event spaces are, of course, also intended for rent. Anyone here can sell me an event.

M i na mal msta

And to follow one new trend we can follow in coworking. In addition to large centers in large cities, these spaces are also increasingly created where the concentration of people is much smaller. The premises are chambered in these cases. But the idea is still the same.

For example, in ernoice in Prague-zpad, they built a coworking center Pûda directly in the attic of the reconstructed town hall. We decided to settle in it and support the development of the local community in an interesting way. It will be interesting about the shared workspace, ie coworking, that we have previously verified through an informal survey through the social network. It turned out quite clearly, describes Filip Konek, the mayor of ernoic.

For the people, the Land opened in November. Zjem pedil oekvn. It is widely used by those who just want to print something, working independently with their own laptop or on our own, and after meetings led by local athletes, a working architect with their clients, the introduction of a local talent, a floristic workshop or you to learn English for seniors, to Konek.

Visitors have three separate rooms available, and you can book them. One large one is always available for free walking. The bite is a kitchenette with the possibility of refreshments, fast internet connection, sweat, smart printer and dill, to which you can send something to print from home and just pick it up, office tables and chairs, but soon so sofa and beanbags. There will be screens for video conferencing (with webcams) or for organizing seminars and presentations.

The price for rent here is very ptelsk. One-entry entry is 10 crowns per hour. For users with registration, the first 10 hours in a month is free, according to the salary and up to 100 hours in a month 10 crowns per hour. Unlimited entry costs 500 crowns msn. The rent for the whole room is 50 and 100 crowns per hour.

The Meander space in evnice, which has a total capacity of 70 people, is similarly designed. Offer space for work, rental of meeting rooms, and the possibility of one-day visits. It should be a place for joint discussion and the possibility of connecting with others. We would like Meander to serve as a city where people from around the area are happy to gather to spend time at business and educational events, and it will be for meetings, interactive workshops or conference weekends, to Bashka Horkov, head of Meandra.

Those who want to work in Meander almost every day pay a monthly fee of 2,150 crowns. As a rule, one day a week will cost 750 crowns per msc and a single entry for 40 crowns per hour.

The specific form is then usually communicated to the office, where they can go to work with parents with small children. They are usually run by family and community centers.

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