Convince investors about the idea: in the day D, get millions of crowns

You have an idea for an original business, but you miss your pension? Easy help, sign up for the Czech TV show D-Day, where you will first join the competition. If you convince investors about your idea, you can get millions of crowns.

“If you have an idea, a prototype or you a company and you want to move it with the help of an investor close to your dream, log in. Let’s look for ideas and projects from all fields. From unusual foods and recipes to md and any consumer goods. From simple stickers to make life easier and to internet projects. From ideas that are still in their infancy, to companies that operate on the market and lack experience, professional help or your pension to expand, ”to the playwright Luk Franta.

Czech Television broadcast a second series of popular programs – the first, Loska, was regularly watched by around a million viewers. A total of 800 entrepreneurs signed up for them, 90 of them came before the investor and ten actually received pensions in the total amount of 6.5 million crowns.

According to the rules, every entrepreneur has at least 200 thousand data, a maximum of 1.5 million crowns – only in a row.

The principle of the same program – television will invite ambitious entrepreneurs, owners of small and large companies and innovators to a hidden place and the opportunity to get pensions to implement their changes. The bag must be convinced by five successful and experienced investors about their business activities and offered to them according to their business.

The kind of ada has been in the sun since January

“In the second series, there was, for example, a silk who can tie an iron tie, a magician with a somewhat harsh spell and a dancer, an attempt by investors to prove that they could go to ballet and culture as well. There is no lack of curious ideas as an help with the number of offspring in infertile at the agency, which would focus on the ‘export’ of young Czech women to Germany. And then your programmer convinced the investors, emv heads better to search, not Google, ”explains some of the contemporary playwright Luk Frant. – Day D: Silk said 300 thousand for a flexible bar and a lift of beer keg

“There will even be a curious situation – one day investors will look, other times one of the competitors will become an unexpected investor,” said Franta. Every Monday on you can find one pbh of debt, which you will see in ter.

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