Contemplate the overdraft in time. You can pay even if you don’t take it out

Overdrafts have not been allowed, and most banks will offer them here. There is a reserve for you when your own pension runs out. The overdraft bag does not receive the full fee, the basic condition is regular income.

Most banks do not distinguish whether the overdraft is also available to new clients who want to set up a direct debit here. The exception is mBank, which only allows long-term clients to overdraft. As soon as he fulfilled the conditions for his chairman, he sent them an offer of a pre-approved limit to their internet banking.

Do not obtain an overdraft at Air Bank and Equa banka. Both banks did not include him in the offer.

You have to pay the bank

When a bank has its own rules for approving an overdraft, they have one thing in common: the overdraft has not approved a hunter who does not have enough income. If the bank does not know the history, you are not its existing client and the salary does not go to them regularly, then ask that after all you will ask for a confirmation of income. According to his many other criteria (for example, the knowledge in the hive registers) the approval of the hive limit, which you will be able to meet, has approved.

Some banks require a minimum amount of income to approve an overdraft. For example, uZuno is 7.5 thousand crowns, for LBBW 10 thousand crowns for employees and 15 thousand crowns for OSV. GE Money Bank requires clients to have a minimum credit turnover, which must be at least half in the approved year. For example, if you give an overdraft of 50 thousand crowns, you will have to pay 25 thousand crowns per month.

Some banks did not add an overdraft to new clients immediately after the meeting here. Wait and for its several problem-free history, or rather for several months you have to go to regular pensions (best salary). Meet the dark at Zuno (one msc) iFio bank (two msce).

If the bank has approved the overdraft, you can have it printed on it within a few minutes and no later than the next day. And customers of Potovn spořitelna and about two days of LBBW Bank clients can repay ten working days.

And contact me in the middle of nowhere

If you are charged 15 thousand crowns, do not worry about the fact that the bank has approved an overdraft of 100 thousand crowns. Most banks set the maximum level of the level only to two and three times the same amount of income.

At the moment when you draw the pension from the overdraft, the bank will give you a long hundred years. For all banks, the years have been above ten percent, only Raiffeisenbank has exceeded the 20 percent limit.

Compared to credit cards, which provide a similar type of charge, the overdraft years are much lower. On the other hand, you do not have to use a similar period, which you will meet first with credit cards.

Zuno does not incur a debt of up to CZK 2,500, if the client has arranged an overdraft with Tu Plus.

Nabdka kontokorentnch vr
Bank Maximln vrov rmec (vK) Ron rok
esk spoitelna a 100 tisc (1) 18,9 %
UNDER 2nsobek istho ms. pjmu 18,9 %
Era (Potovn spoitelna) a 100 tisc 16,9 %
bank wire not established 8.3% or 14.3% (2)
GE Money Bank a 100 tisc 19,9 %
Komern bank a 60 tisc 19% or 16.5% (3)
LBBW Bank a 250 tisc 15,5 %
mBank a 50 tisc 18,9 %
Raiffeisenbank 2nsobek istho ms. pjmu, max. 150 tisc 21,9 %
UniCredit Bank a 150 tisc 15 %
Volksbank 3nsobek pjmu, max. 150 tisc 11,49 %
Zuno banka a 150 tisc 17,9 % (4)
Source: banks; (1) in exceptional cases and 200 thousand crowns; (2) depending on the selected overdraft tariff; (3) debit authorization unsecured or Start; (4) up to 2,500 crowns without a year at Tu Plus

Arrange an overdraft for free, but also for two hundred

The vast majority of banks do not ask for anything for arranging an overdraft from the client. The exception is Raiffeisenbank, which will require 200 crowns per year. Pay the same fee to LBBW Bank and UniCredit Bank if you require an overdraft separately or there will be a package.

Fio banka drank with an interesting offer. Client dv on vbr of two tariffs. For those who prefer a more frequent and exhausted year, they offer a tariff with an annual rate of 8.3 percentaron and an exchange fee for one year: three percent of the overdraft, at least 100 crowns. For those who have only a reserve and use it at all times and always for a short time, a suitable type of tariff with a fee (one percent of the fee, at least 100 crowns) and 14.3 percent of the year is suitable.

Komern banka: pay for what you do not run out

Some banks get their fees for the first time here. For example, you will pay CZK 12 at Volksbank, CZK 15 at LBBW Bank and CZK 19 at Potovn spoitelna, GE Money Bank and mBank (up to CZK 25,000 for overdrafts). Twenty crowns after the vs will be claimed by esk spoitelna and UniCredit Bank.

Although Komern banka does not charge its clients a fee for approving an overdraft, nor for keeping an equilibrium here, it has prepared for it a crime: the so-called fee for booking a resource of 0.9 percent ron for undrawn money, incl.

If, for example, you have agreed on a maximum overdraft of 60 thousand crowns and you do not use up even a crown for the whole year, the bank will spend 540 crowns at the end of the year.

In the monk you will be permanently 6 msc and a year

Overdraft facilities are not required regularly, as is the case, for example, with consumer vr erpte and fulfill how it suits you. However, once a year and a year after the first drawdown, the debt must be compared. And for at least one day.

For example, esk spoitelna, Fio, GE Money Bank, LBBW, mBank and Raiffeisenbank tolerate a year in a row. Half a year to repay at SOB, Potovn spoitelny and Komerny banka.

An exception is Volksbank, which provides clients with an overdraft for an indefinite period and does not require its full repayment for the entire erpn period. “The process is fulfilled automatically by any deposit or transfer written to the bank to which the overdraft is provided,” adds Lucie Hlov from the bank.

Overdraft: Remember

  • The current account is incl. Bankypo vs will therefore ask for the advice that you will be able to meet it. So you need to have a regular income and a good payment card (banks do in the registers).
  • Do not forget that everyone, including an overdraft or credit card, is at a disadvantage to the bank. Even if you only have it for the “push of the Cup” and in fact do not pull it out, you are a potential long-term banker. It can happen that in the moment when you will give the mortgage for the consumer, the bank did not add it to him, or he will offer the upper conditions.
  • Overdraft only pays off with them. The feast is for people who from time to time get on this monk and extra pension will save from trouble. Then don’t have any problems with balancing the length.
  • Even though the debt of the overdraft is a lower rate than for credit cards, it is especially appropriate for them to use a credit card. If you use a period in which to pay the debt, it will not cost anything extra. In the case of an overdraft, the debt is always the same, there is no period here.
  • If you don’t really need an overdraft, you are overwhelmed with data, especially from banks, which did not secretly charge fees for its approval and maintenance.

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