Contactless credit cards knock on the door

Payment cards, often equipped with a magnetic stripe, replace cards with ipes. There are two new products behind it – contactless IP cards.

VISA pichz with “payment wave”

VISA Europe has introduced a new Visa payWave payment card, enriched with IP-enabled contactless payments – a kind of electronic wallet. In the autumn of this year, it will begin to spread first over Great Britain, followed by the European country.

Visa payWave is for small payments up to 10 GBP. If the cardholder herself this limit, he is forced to enter a PIN to confirm the transaction (the transaction must be authorized by the merchant). The entered PIN will then reset the limit. In this way, Visa repeatedly verifies that the card is in the hands of the real owner.

The application for Visa payWave can be implemented by banks into standard IP cards and merchants can be added to the Visa payWave cash register.

The first multifunctional contactless card will be delivered to the British market by Visa Europe together with Barclaycard and Transport for London this summer. It will be called Visa Barclaycard and will allow its owners in addition to payments for small purchases, e.g. daily press, so travel by London Underground and buses.

Bezkontaktn ipov karty znme iu ns

Contactless payment systems are known to our people, e.g. inhabitants of Pilsen, Hradec Krlov, Teplice and Opava. They are most often used to identify people entering buildings (hotels, sports halls, study cards) and as electronic wallets for the payment of them (restaurants, dining rooms, road charges, parking cards, payments for public transport, etc.). Throw it first, where there is a large turnover of cash and not to miss a very fast service.

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Contactless IP cards can be more secure

And how does such a contactless IP card work? Don’t even take the card out of your hand, pile it to the zazen, and the flipper will come out of your “here”. The first of these simplicities results in a number of potential risks. The possibility of collecting funds from these cards without the right, e.g. in a means of transport even directly on the street. There is an error in the authentication process (for example, the cardholder has a PIN). Last but not least, you need to be reminded again that the threat of losing or stealing the card is similar to cash.

The best advantage in the case of contactless IP cards is simplicity, and with it the speed of payments made. These positives are most highlighted by publishing companies and also provide the new system with a number of fans. Waste, it is necessary to enter and remember the PIN and to register and verify the authenticity of the drinker, resp. issued cash. This eliminates possible mistakes of the parties and shortens the waiting time at merchants’ cash registers.

PayPass Mastercard works in the world

It was launched last year by the European credit program MasterCard PayPass in Turkey by MasterCard Worldwide. This is similar to the changed contactless payment system payWave. Currently, PayPass programs work on different levels in several countries – e.g. Technology tests in the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Australia

In the Czech Republic, MasterCard Europe began negotiations with the largest Czech banks on the introduction of PayPass technology in 2006, so it is only a difficult time for the introduction of contactless technology in our country.

ATMs will help you with many

Payment tools as from sci-fi

Chinatrust Commercial Bank, in turn, offers its clients a wristwatch with a built-in ip and carrying a payment card. The watch can be paid for by its owner at around 400 retailers in Taiwan who have also installed contactless payments.

There is even a microipch in the world that works as a fingerprint scanner and can be used on any type of plastic card. It is built into the surface of the card and before using the card first verifies the identity of its holder.

You can pay with Pay-By-Touch technology after a one-time registration at several supermarkets in and around Oxford. When paying, the customer placed a finger on the scanner and the back of the search engine (for example, the number of your own mobile phone). Subsequently, it is authenticated and prompted to select two registered means of payment (card, check, et) required for payment. The payment will then be made in the same way as if, for example, he had actually presented a payment card.

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