Confirmed: we love cash

Both the wallet and the mattress are inflated with echm banknotes. Kad pt lovk piznv, e spory peliv ukld doma. This follows from an exclusive survey by the Median agency for MF DNES. The key to cash is to go to t, aunt from a sample of 703 people prefer this sensitive question to grind.

The result of the bag confirms that they remain in the care of the pension with an extremely careful people. Stocks? Bonds? Nothing for us.

“Many more people than in the US invest in you in neighboring Poland,” said analyst Jan Prochzka from Cyrrus.

One of the main reasons is in the selection of local events and the main number of manufactured companies over the last seventeen years. On the contrary, we must not allow for passbooks and term deposits.

“Clients understand the deposit book, they have proof of where their pension is, tradition also plays a big role,” confirmed Klra Gajdkov from esk spoitelna. At the same time, the inputs from them cannot cover even inflation.

Ron roen’s deposit books are between 0.3 and 1.8 percent, last year prices rose by an average of two and a half percent. Even on anonymous books with a password that has not been forgotten for five years, Spoitelny’s clients hold three billion crowns.

Payment in sku? Bn vc
How many songs they have in the straw and under the carpet can not be reliably determined. According to the Czech National Bank, banknotes and coins worth 321 billion crowns are now in circulation.

Each hunter could theoretically have less than 32 thousand cash at his disposal. From this point, it is necessary to deduct the pensions that you have at the cash registers in the shops.

Economist David Marek from Patria Finance estimates that the hunter will pay 22 and a thousand crowns. Significant growth will still be in circulation at the time of payment. The transfer of pensions to this is not the rule.

Bank charges are applicable
“He has to choose whether to have his pension sent to me or to get it ready. But I’m not in the bank just because I get a collection from me, ”said Rostislav Snopek, who works for a small company in Uherský Brod.

Sky is distributed to you and employees at the Ministry of Finance, ie if they have an interest. The payment in cash is available to eight employees, according to a survey by the Median agency.

When choosing between cash and a recent pension, the bank plays an important role in both bank fees.

“Pensions for the first time here are not paid at all abroad. In the Czech market, nothing forces the bank to change anything, ”says Jan Prochzka from Cyrrus.

You also pay for withdrawals from an ATM, the pesto is loaded in front of them. One client esk spoitelny has less than two selected msn, the average in which is 3207 K.

With a case for a new car
Thanks to that, the nose of the people who carry non-pigs is with them. It is common for 37 percent of them to have a permanently minimal question mark in their pennies, according to the survey.

And more than a quarter of the people know the experience with a lot of cash. “In pocket pockets, people are most likely to lose a thousand, two,” said crack detective Adolf Tc, a specialist in pocket gangs. “Abroad tourists carry their nose to a very high point,” adds.

From his practice, the bag also remembers the case when seven hundred thousand crowns disappeared from the jacket in the restaurant.

They always have high heights when buying a car. In the survey, each of the seven answered that he first held this baldness in the hands of the highest in life.

According to the addressees of the second-hand car dealership, it does not matter whether you buy a car for plates and hundreds of thousands. The popularity of cash in large purchases has its origins in the limits and a few percent fees that banks apply when paying by card at the store.

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