Con health on pumps, the price of oil fell

Leton year was not yet for motorists. Prices at petrol stations grew in the dark without any changes and are currently at the highest levels in the last two years.

Why was it healthy this year?

The biggest influence on the number of prices this year was due to excise taxes and VAT, which in January increased the price of gasoline and diesel by more than two crowns per liter in a few weeks. The further increase in prices was gradual and was caused mainly by the rise in oil prices on world markets.

However, it is not possible to forget the one-off effect from the share of biofuels in gasoline and diesel, which has risen fuel by several decades since last month’s arrest. Recently, however, the situation has been reversed and significant amounts should not be drunk this year. Reason for optimism toti pibv. This year, one-off effects with one-shot effects, which in the recent past had a large impact on the health of fuels. The increase in excise duty or VAT on petrol and diesel is unlikely, despite the current efforts to reduce the budget deficit. The last increase in taxes at the end of this year caused a decline in fuel sales to our country, because the idea of ​​going to refuel en masse abroad.

Dan won’t get used to it

The tax effect may eventually prove to be controversial and it is therefore probably an attempt to compare the total taxes on fuels at the level of the surrounding countries. So biofuels will have a long way to go in the future, and their share in petrol and diesel would not have to be achieved in the next year.

Plant-producing gasoline is still more critical, and in June, according to the European Union, it will continue to meet the coming year. It can therefore be expected that the price of fuels at filling stations will in the coming months depend mainly on the movement of oil prices on world markets. Prices reached the peak of May and the sweat fell sharply. Even after the June correction, the declining trend is clear and prices are only a few dollars above their annual lows.

The price of oil has fallen

So far, however, the low price of oil due to the slim US dollar has not fully manifested itself. The development of the exchange rate of the US dollar and the Czech koruna is very important for price movements at filling stations. Oil is bought on the world market in dollars and its gym sells oil to Czech consumers. During June, however, the situation began to reverse and the growth of US currencies was several times lower than during previous months.

Although the outlook for the future is always uncertain, it would not have to be healthy even in other months. The current global economic development is worse, it is less than a few months ahead and the demand for oil will therefore grow more slowly. Changing factors should affect the decline and stagnation of oil prices on world markets, which would have a positive effect on the cash registers of gas stations in the coming weeks and months. The rest of the motoring list could thus take place in a calm spirit without further pricing.

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