Compare banks: When a city of mortgages take a gap from a building society

Stavebn spoitelny, with its offer, has been catching on the heels of banks with their mortgage bonds for a long time. Each of them has at least two types of these products in its offer in order to address the widest possible range of clients.

Mezivr or peklenovac vr can be a suitable alternative for those who do not have anything to buy and do not want to draw a mortgage, or you have not complied with the written conditions of the bank for the allocation of 100% mortgage (you can grow more in our previous line).

You must first close the building block on the target, which represents faith. Your building savings contract is thus divided into two. The first is the computer, where you store the agreed contacts. Your deposits with the savings bank will be eligible for support.

In the second place, you will still pay the same year from the total number of people, regardless of how much you have. However, the length of the flow does not decrease during the gap. As soon as you get a claim on dn vr (you have saved a sufficient amount of pensions), grow a spoit and pay for it both the principal and the years.

years rates around two, but also seven percent

All building societies have in their offer more infernal products, taking into account the different requirements of the client. This corresponds to the years of the rate. With the least, I can ask a client who has a good amount of money (Wstenrot – 2.5 percent for clients who have a maximum of a year to add a person) or a real estate (Buinka – Hypo Trend) and choose to fix the rate years for a certain period ( Buinka – fixed rate for three years).

On the other hand, the building society provided the highest rate to clients without a history without a mortgage (for example, Wstenrot – years rate of 6.8 percent for the Partner product).

Souasn nabdka peklenovacch vr stavebnch spoitelen
Building society Peklenovac vr Ron years rate (in%)
Buinka (SSS) (1) HYPO TREND (2) 3,55 (3)/ 4,1 (4)
TREND, EXPRES 5,4 (3) / 5,9 (4)
Lika (MSS) Kredit Standard 4,4/ 4,8 (5)
90 . credit 6,1/ 6,5/ 6,9 (6)
Top credit 3,7/ 3,8 /4,0 (7)
Topkredit more 4,4/ 4,5 /4,7 (7)
Tophypo 3,9/ 4,0/ 4,2 (7)
Modr pyramida Hypo 85 (8) 3,64
Hypo 100 (9) 4,64
mal nezajitn mezivr 6,29
Raiffeisen stavebn spoitelna Hypospltka 3,7
Copy 4,7
Wstenrot stavebn spoitelna Supervr (10) from 2.5 to 5.9 (11)
Partner 5,5 / 5,9 / 6,8 (12)
Source: building societies; (1) salary rates, where the client meets here S am vrov insurance;(2) zajitn zstavnm first to immobility; (3) fixed for 3 years; (4) throughout the maturity period; (5) according to ve vru; (6) according to length satisfied; (7) according to ve vru and lengths fulfilled; (8) up to 85% of the value secured; (9) up to 100% of the value secured; (10) the condition is a building society for at least one year; (11) according to a large number of contacts and insurances; (12) according to ve vru a zajitn; rates valid as of April 5, 2012

The maturity of the entire year from the building society (intermediate year and day year) is roughly the same as for mortgages. For example, in the case of the Tophypo product from Lika, the client has 30 years to repay, and in the case of Raiffeisen stavebn spoitelny, 29 years. On the other hand, you must repay Trend and Expres from Buinka within 18 years of age.

Poadavky na minimln pjem se li ao pt tisc korun

We asked all building societies for the minimum amount of income of the applicant for peklenovac vr. He wants to finance the purchase of an apartment for two million, the money alone in the middle of the year will be 1.6 million crowns, 400 thousand crowns will be charged. vr would like to be repaid in 20 years.

We chose two types of applicants:
Type 1: individual, 30 years old, employee, unrelated
Type 2: tlenn family (manel 35 and 32 years, dt 10 years), both employees, no volumes

While Raiffeisen stavební spořitelna costs an individual’s income of 16,520 crowns (21 thousand gross), Buinka requires that more than 21 thousand crowns (approx. 28 thousand gross) be paid to him. The difference between the two requirements is five thousand crowns. Buinka, on the other hand, is not a family income requirement.

Minimize the number of data fields in the field (in korunch)
Building society Individual Family
Buinka 21 268 22 150
Equal 17 542 25 306
Modr pyramida 17 000 22 000
Raiffeisen st. spoitelna 16 520 23 240
Wstenrot st. spoitelna 19 301 26 821
Source: building savings banks

Three years ago, we sent building societies a deposit with the same back (you can see more in this article). In addition to Wstenrot building societies, all other savings banks have no income requirements than then.

The highest installment and year rate at Wstenrot

According to no building society, they chose a specific product of hellish heat from their offer, including years of rates and lower installments.

The least suitable offer would be given to the applicant by Wstenrot. years, the rate is about two percentage points not at Raiffeisen building society. This is answered by the highest installment, you by two thousand crowns more than at the Blue Pyramid.

Msn spltky ve fzi peklenovacho vru (roky z peklenovacho vru + dospoovn)
Building society Mezivr Ron years rate (in%) Msn spltka (vK)
Buinka Hypo Trend 3,9 10 037
Equal Top credit 3,8 9 950 / 9 880 (1)
Modr pyramida Hypovr 3,99 9 292
RSTS Hypospltka 3,7 9 800
wstenrot Partner without down payment 5,5 11 384
Source: building societies; (1) different installments for individuals and families, families the savings bank offered two contracts of 800 thousand korunch for each man

During the hell of a year (completed year and year), it will be possible for 12 years for Wstenrot and Modr pyramids, while for Raiffeisen stavebná spoitelny it will take him nine years and three months, not one year.

Fees for concluding a building society and a contract

If you decide for a hellhound vr, travel with considerable costs for fees. Prepare a few thousand thousand crowns for it. Building societies will charge both a fee for concluding building savings contracts (usually one percentage of the fee) and for concluding a contract for the provision of hell and the bottom of the contract (again a percentage of the fee). If you ask for a hellhound vr from Wstenrot to go during April, please visit for a fee. Stavebn spoitelna handles a lot of mezzanine in this month for free.

He gave regular fees you will pay for the first time and keep a building savings and level here. Their ve is around t hundred crowns ron. This is not all fees. Some savings banks will pay you pensions, for example, for regular subscriptions, as well as for various additional services.

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