Companies roll red carpets and screw salaries up, to the headhunterka

Someone just won’t get into her eyes. It moves on the highest floors of our and foreign companies, its work is exciting, methods are discreet. Barbora Tomovsk is a headhunter.

Headhunter literally means head hunter. The time has progressed, and since the last six years of the last century, we will call the money a hunter who will help companies to occupy the top managerial positions. Although, even a modern headhunter wants to catch the best.

We are focused on top and middle management. For our clients, let’s look for companies, financial managers, first-handers, Barbora Tomovsk, one of the first headhunters at us and the founder of Touchdown Czech Republic.

Which positions do you fill most often?
We look for a lot of people in the store. There are needs under, and there is a crisis or boom. We also occupy positions in human resources quite a lot. Companies are more aware, and they have to work with the people they hire.

How do you qualify for the highest prize candidate?
Independence, flexibility. And a feature that is often not directly replaced, but is the longest. Let’s look for people in a positive, open way. Dleitj is attitude approach, not experience experience.

Ale njak zkuenost kandidattsnad mus mt.
Eat. From the client (the company that the hunter is looking for) we will get back what the candidate should know, what are very complex assumptions and such a hunter does not even exist. And so we agree with the client on what I have to know and what I can do. It is important to be creative, thoughtful and motivated.

Are you able to recognize it from one meeting?
Let’s have an interview with us and we can ask first, let’s use our know-how. And so we get references. Especially when it comes to top positions, let’s not just settle for a reference written, but let’s vote for people.

What vs kandidtovi occupy?
We know what the employer can make sure that the hunter works, what he needs to work. Dleit is the first approach. we often address people from other fields, not where we fill the position. When we offer to work in a hunting bank, which has been in a position in another bank for twenty years, I wear a jersey, but a lot of things are similar, and if he is not dissatisfied, then he has no reason to do so. In another field, it is a challenge for them.

So are you addressing people who have jobs?
Yes, we work mainly with passive candidates who are not actively looking for work, but have the required experience. Some of them will not be interested at all, but then there are those who did not look for a change, but let’s awaken the interest in them.

What does such a pleasing meeting look like?
Candidates say something about themselves, we tell him or something about the position. So far, it is not binding. I often don’t even have to read the name of the client, mostly the field is mentioned.

About such secrecy?
Many positions are looked at discreetly, the company even has it currently filled, but they are not satisfied with the employee and need to replace him. And if it’s a tusk position, they don’t have dt vpov forward.

How many people introduce companies like this?
Two candidates came out of the first round, and we chose the maximum of five people from the client. Today we say we have you. As if on a tray with malika, we will give the client all the information about the candidates.

Unknown men vbr men quality?
Certainly not, but they have to work with candidates more, companies have to deal with them more in terms of both salaries and non-financial ones. Today, companies often roll red carpets in front of candidates, offer excellent conditions and screw up salaries.

How does a hunter get into your database?
When we go to a specific position, we look for the candidates ourselves and we directly address them. Obas happens that someone is on us, a biography field. If he is a hunter, which we are first looking for in a position, then we will meet with him, if it is not fully, we will discuss his interest in this phase only by phone.

What are the most common candidates of what companies want, mistakes?
People in top positions have no problem with languages, education or experience. But the point is that the new hunter fits into the corporate culture. I wanted to live, he wasn’t just looking for easy ways, he stabbed him. On the one hand, he listened, but at the same time he was not afraid of authority. This is a problem in middle management.

Have been operating on the market for less than fifteen years, do I have women inside companies?
Years ago it was a nice coach, today it is an agile woman. This means that more of the time is involved in decision-making. Assume that when people are involved in the decision-making process, they take things for granted, dig for the company and then work in the dark more effectively.

Similar work startups.
Song. In addition, there is an initial gift. Have your capitals, they go into business with their hearts. But it happens that a lot of them come out like a rocket, they start up and then it gets stuck. They have an idea, they retire, but suddenly they get lost and they are not able to run such a big company. And if the guardrails are not set in time, there will be chaos.

A v jakm ppad peij?
When it succeeds and the company let the investor and professional management enter, it will help the company to further develop the phase. It is similar with small Czech companies, which have been operating for 20 years, but their owner has a problem with succession. Introducing a business to someone else is a big problem.

Is there a mistake?
Family businesses are often run intuitively, much of it works on personal relationships. The new hunter is hardly oriented in that. And related to this is the role of the original owner. It happened to her several times. We hired a company manager who is used to the principles that work in the corporation at the time, but here he is born. We all have to change when we don’t go, the train will leave in a moment.

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