COMMENT: Who in the Czech Republic is heated by poverty for life

The economic situation in the Czech Republic has developed in a relatively positive direction in recent years. The unemployment rate is very low. People who face poverty or live on its borders are still a considerable number. Unfortunately, a large part of it, a long-term population, according to Jan Brodani, the executive director of the Association for the Capital Market.

And the time has progressed and the darkness of gender development is currently at the forefront of some, some areas still remain without significant changes. that it is about the financial situation, especially mothers.

Although fathers caring for children, the fact is that the vast majority of children are cared for and cared for by mothers, who adapt their lives to this debt, even through the possibility of exercising parental leave for men. It is a paradox that the women of the mother, who blessed this world and brought up generations, are, according to statistics, the most dormant group of poverty.

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