COMMENT: What will happen after two shsconaviruses

A pandemic that no one remembers has entered work and personal life. The crisis he finds will affect everyone. Personnel Tom Surka commented on the current situation and what we have this year and what is the key to a strong economy.

We are less than two months old with a new type of coronavirus. What has happened to the economy during that time? Especially the fields of services, gastronomy and tourism have experienced a great turmoil, from which they will be very difficult to recover. The Czech pro-export economy will now focus on how the other states will fight the epidemics in Germany. The state of the economy of our western neighbor will be a key factor for the further development of Czech companies.

In lt we will be wise in how much unemployment is expected. For the time being, companies are in a hurry, do not let go and avoid the full end of restrictive measures by the Czech government. During May, production in large companies will probably start again, and we will be looking back at how the company will be able to renew its customer service.

If people start to spend and shop, then they will soon drill into the old dormitories. In another case, he will. Companies pibrzd sv activities, people lose their jobs. Personnel will be re-elected after years and in terms of manpower.

Here I have to stop at some breeding departments, which during the emergency pressured companies to stop production. As if they didn’t understand that in this way they are going against their people who can drink about their work. In addition to the department will be embarrassed so some steps esk vldy. Her help towards entrepreneurs is full of confusion and administrative burden. In the lands of the past, they have now been able to help quickly and flat out, and then they will come back according to the loss that these companies have caused.

I also mind the illogical approach to some of the release steps. Crowds are crowded in the hobby market, but the others can’t sit together even on the garden at a restaurant somewhere in the store. In addition, the easing of restrictions should be faster, as the pace of the new market has fallen. A separate chapter was the speculation of the highest representatives of how long the borders were to remain closed. Our economy is built on exports and openness to other countries. Irresponsible scrutiny of several years of closed borders caused increased uncertainty and nervousness in business.

The mistake is somehow provided for me to encourage the consumer. For example, rotating cars would deserve similar parameters as they had in Germany some time ago. Markets will need some injection, but it should not just be about electromobility. Otherwise he misses the Inca.

The events of the last two cities marked the market for workers from abroad. After declaring a state of emergency, a number of them left the house because they were worried about the closed borders. After their full opening, it will be interesting to see how it will affect the demand of companies for workers from Ukraine and other countries. Even if unemployment increases, it is likely that the Czech labor market will continue to demand foreigners. In particular, Ukrainians have managed to build a reputation of reliable and hard-working employees in domestic companies.

How to give development can be expected? If it ends quickly, we all baptize one quart and quickly return to normal operation. Even so, it is necessary to deal with six and nine months, the situation will not be economically calmed. If the epidemic breaks down or returns several times, the consumer’s door will be disrupted. The current crisis will be dragged on and very uncomfortable for everyone. For employers and employees.

Finally, I have to go out with my big thanks to my sisters, sisters and carers for the elderly. Everyone has a huge admiration for how they manage their work in the current situation.

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