COMMENT: Unemployment in the Czech Republic is not growing so much

Unemployment rose from 3.4 to 3.6 percent in May, according to the latest figures, there are over 266 thousand people. How will he give development and what will affect him? And when will the client seem to start working? Tom Surka, a personal manager, said in the comment.

There is no doubt that one of the consequences of coronavirus measures will be unemployment. New news about unemployment and the sweat of the unemployed people was published by the Czech Republic on Monday, July 7, 2020. So far, unemployment has not increased much and remains below the same percentage.

Every important topic in the personnel departments of companies is currently Ukraine. More than half a million foreigners work in the Czech Republic and Ukrainians belong to this group of foreign workers. The coronavirus has complicated the movement of people between countries. The Czech government first extended the 90-day period by 60 days during the emergency, and until the 16th century.

Workers from Ukraine, who often use this Schengen area to work, stayed here, but at the turn of summer and autumn they will have to return to the world. Unfortunately, it is not clear who will replace them. esk zastupitelsk ady nov tmsn vza nevydvaj. The domestic market is working halfway through the loss of thousands of employees. The first to arrest is the period when full-time purchases are fully launched, as companies usually take a long time to recruit seasonal employees for logistics and e-shops.

In a day of uncertain times, when companies do not know how the demand for their products or services will develop, they are employed for a short time for companies. And since they don’t even know where the employees will be in those cities, they prefer to leave the workers at home in the so-called bakeries. Companies for these ely erpac from sttu support and bloom what will dt. This is one of the reasons why unemployment is not rising yet. We’ll be caught in the fall, and support will end. Companies will then have to decide who to keep and whom to lay off.

For a while, work lines can still be at ease, due to the fact that some people still have a reasonable time or have been given severance pay and do not play in new work. Even employees expect which areas of the crisis will affect the most. And they will choose a new job accordingly.

In addition to the new facts of speaking to the unemployment rate, the old well-known negative phenomena of the Czech labor market are also known. They don’t like to move for work and they won’t do it now, when the supply of work between companies and regions will change.

So far, the current situation is similar to coronavirus: Companies complain about the lack of local workers in production. I will give an example. Our company first recruited several hundred employees for one client. These are positions without any qualifications, the recipients only have to be physically fit. The starting salary is 30 thousand crowns, plus bonuses, bonuses and other benefits. Pesto is a very tk worker to find. ei, who do not work, I don’t think so, it is now complicated with foreigners. In addition to the great unreliability of the adept about work. Of the hundreds of people who respond to our offers, half of them will be confirmed in their wives. Only 40 percent of the original hundreds actually arrived, and 10 and 15 of them will finally start work.

Therefore, it is not only HR professionals who know when the number of unemployed people really goes up and how it will be possible to start the work of women who do not really care about work. Otherwise, the fictitious impression that job seekers are available will continue. We do not see them in the labor market.

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