COMMENT: How to quickly get Ukrainians into the company? On tmsn vzum

ada employer marn shn worker. Eight out of ten companies are also willing to accept foreigners. High interest is about workers from Ukraine. But how to get people like that fast? Personnel Tom Surka from JobConnector commented on this in the comment.

The interest of Czech companies in workers from Ukraine is high. We Ukrainians spend many years in the Czech Republic and have a permanent residence here. The group put a kadoron here for two years of work cards, the number of which the Czech government limits. Czech labor market with record low unemployment is not enough.

In companies, their business is connected with first-time buyers, and there are also a number of seasonal workers. For e-shops, printers, retail or for transport companies, Christmas is the biggest store and the biggest source of income. Therefore, they cannot do without the sweat of workers. Seasonal workers enter the warehouses and printers during June and stay in the work until the end of the year, some even going to the end of January, when they exchanged inappropriate shreds and gave waves to buy.

The largest e-shops have their headquarters in Prague, Brno and other large cities, where there is long-term low unemployment. This is what many seasonal employees are all about. Vyut is one of the foreigners, most often opt Ukrainians, about whom there is a huge interest. For? They are reliable and quick to understand etin. The small language barrier represents a big difference compared to workers from Romania and Bulgaria.

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Ukrainians can get to their employers quickly thanks to the Schengen agreement in about six weeks from the order. They can spend 90 days out of 180 on such a land on the Czech lands. The procedure associated with obtaining a job relationship is an essential part, issuing the so-called employee card with a two-year validity of five and six months.

A certain limitation in Schengen relations is the limitation of the worker’s stay in the Czech Republic to 90 of the 180 days for which they are paid. In this way, the people of Ukraine will come to work for the seasonal brigade, for example before Christmas. Or the company will hire two groups of Ukrainian employees, who will work at work. In such a case, it does not matter that they can spend on the Czech land only those 90 days from the middle of the year. Such a number of groups of workers can be found where there is no need to fold.

He gave an opportunity for employers who work two people in Ukraine is a combination of a short-term Schengen relationship with a two-year employment relationship. Agency staff offer it using the Try and Hire method. This means that workers equipped with the Schengen area will, for the first time, work under the agency’s headquarters.

Once this period has elapsed and the employer is interested in giving co-operation, employees from Ukraine will receive an employee card for two years and become regular employees of the production or otherwise change of company. Companies are most interested in such a process. Ukrainian workers will get to them within a few weeks of the manifestation and at the same time gain the certainty that in case of satisfaction, keep them as employees for several years. The turnover of such employees is also very low, which is very important for companies.

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