Coe? I like to spit the pension to the toilet, he heard the climber on D-Day

Jaromr Soutor introduced the system of changing the operation of multimedia devices with a mobile phone. It requires a symbolic 300 thousand for each symbolic one percent from each investor. In total, up to 1.5 million for a five percent share of profits, there are no companies yet.

Mr. Jaromr invented the competition, the so-called peoplemeter. It is a “universal system of atomic change of operation of multimedia lengths by a mobile phone in feedback.” Freely translated is basically less TV viewing or listening to music via a mobile phone.

“The central part of this system is a standard mobile phone, which is a natural innovation in addition to the integrated circuit, which gives the system a new single feature,” tries to highlight his invention Soutor.

“The system increases the activity of advertising and the girl can be rewarded for first paying attention to the broadcast. The advertiser in return finds very valuable, socio-demographic data from girls and listeners, ”explains Soutor technology to a startled investor.

Marta Novkov asks what he really wants for the symbolic five percent of the inventor. “Skills and experience,” says Soutor, “I want you to help me negotiate business with multinationals. For each closed order, I will receive five or ten percent of the profit. ”

Dana Brov does not understand that the company should be engaged. “The company will focus on data trading. The ad spot and the acoustic signal reach the microphone of the mobile phone. If it is initially distributed, the mobile phone field will send the specified SMS to the destination station first. The shape of the text message will be, for example, 72vove22. This means that the spot was first watched by him, in 1972, the use of OSV from the village of Pardubický kraj, an average monthly debt of 22 thousand crowns, ”explains his project to the inventor.

Michael Rostock is interested in who will play the text or whether it will be defined. The case must be entered permanently in the mobile phone. Also sensitive personal data will be stored on your mobile phone or SIM card for a long time. This invests, of course, as one of the many inappropriate technologies.

Tomio Okamura pauses over who will pay for the one sent first. “For each one sent first, the mobile phone owner should be rewarded for watching the spot. He would receive a pension from an advertiser who paid for the advertisement, “to Soutor.

“Even if you manage to convince the few billion inhabitants of the Earth to enter their personal data into their mobile phones, there will be 158 other things in this project that are unreadable. Even with our unique capabilities, we cannot negotiate such a deal. I don’t like it either, ”concluded Brov.

He invested in kn. Tomio Okamura has not yet understood what this is all about, and Michael Rostock closes the presentation roughly: “I’d rather get the 300,000 to the door than to watch it!”

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