Clear: Neas’s government mainly takes them, there is a lot of “gifts”

The tightening belt, which was prepared by the government of Petr Nease as part of the disputed measures for their citizens, was launched on January 1 of this year. Dal disputes are ready for years pt. To be fair, we expect some positive changes.



From 1 January 2011, parents will receive a contribution of 13 thousand crowns only for their first born child. At the same time, for his sake, the small income of the family must not exceed 2.4 times the subsistence level. If a woman gives birth to more than one child at a time, the birth will receive only 19,500 crowns.

By the end of 2010, all parents were entitled to a maternity allowance of 13 thousand crowns for each child born (in the case of twins, they received 26 thousand crowns, in the case of triplets 39 thousand crowns).

Rodiovsk pspvek

Since January 1, 2011, these two have been dreaming of a total of 45,600 crowns for these parental leave leave. The birth will receive up to 7,600 crowns msn and another 39 msc 3,800 crowns msn, a total of 2,16600 crowns.

By the end of 2010, the parents received 262200 crowns for the last parental leave (by the 21st of March, they were entitled to 7,600 crowns and another 27 msc 3,800 crowns).

Discount on fee

Since January 2011, the deductible discount on the fee has been reduced by a hundred to 1970 crowns. The people therefore pay a hundred crowns more in taxes. For a year, they can apply for a discount of 2,340 crowns.

According to an estimate by the Ministry of Finance, in 2011 it will pay “flood taxes” to the budget of 4.6 billion crowns, which will be used for flood protection and removal code after flooding. From 2012, the discount on the taxpayer will initially be 2070 crowns per month, ie 24840 crowns per year.

Sttn building spoen support

Support for 2011 will decrease both for old contracts concluded by the end of 2003 and for new contracts to a maximum of two thousand crowns. Depending on the type of contract, the people will lose 2,500 crowns atisc.

Da z rok z stavebni spoen

Since 2011, a 15 percent income tax has been paid for building savings. And until the lot of pitom, pipsan years from the tax deposit were exempt.

Sickness insurance

For self-employed persons (OSV) since 1 January 2011, sickness insurance has risen to 2.3 percent of the payout, a minimum of 92 crowns per month.

By 2010, 1.4 percent of the deposit was sickness insurance, at least 56 crowns per month.

On sick leave (if you pay sickness insurance) you are entitled to and after 21 days of illness. In 2010, self-employed people received sick leave after 14 days of illness.

Severance pay upon termination of employment

If the hunter says that he or she will receive severance pay, he or she will not be able to receive unemployment benefits from 1 January 2011 until he or she receives the severance pay.

From January 2011, the severance pay will be compared according to the number of years worked in the companies. In one year he receives a monthly severance pay, in two years a two-month severance pay and in the case of long work over two years he has a year for a three-year severance pay.

Until 2010, the severance pay did not have an effect on the payment of unemployment benefits, the hunter was entitled to a three-month severance pay and the amount of benefits was not affected by the fact whether the employee was allowed to pay.

Unemployment benefits

Since January 1, 2011, she has dreamed of supporting unemployment to those under sm vpov. It will receive from the first month only 45 percent of the current average monthly wage. If you receive the notice, you have the first two months of interest at 65 percent of the salary, he gave two months at 50 percent and from that month at 45 percent.

If you take unemployment benefits, you don’t have to earn anything from the end of the year. Until the end of 2010, the unemployed resident could receive support and three thousand crowns.


Da of pidan value

At the same time, the reduced VAT rate will increase to 14 percent in 2012. The external VAT rate will remain at 20 percent. In 2013, both VAT rates were unified at 17.5 percent.

So far, two VAT rates are paid – 10 percent reduced and 20 percent reduced.

Municipal waste fee

From 2012, there should be a 100 percent increase in the fee for municipal waste. It consists of two components and, in fact, should be worth 1,000 crowns. The first stanza of 250 crowns remains the same, the second stanza increases from 250 crowns to 750 crowns.

So far, the fee is about 500 crowns.

Odeet year from vr to dwelling

From 2012, it should dream of 80 thousand crowns per year for paid housing (mortgages, building savings), which people can deduct from the tax base. People will be returned back a maximum of 15,200 crowns.

So far, people can get paid and 300 thousand crowns paid for years in housing. They can get back 45 thousand crowns.

Old-age pensions

After 30 of 2011, pensions will be exchanged in a suitable way not yet. The most popular are the people with an income of 13 and 36 thousand crowns, which is now about 70 percent.

Discount on fee

In 2013, people with an income of less than 98 thousand crowns per month (a multiple of the average wage) will not be able to claim a discount on taxpayers. Their same salary will be about 2,070 crowns.

Spotebn da

Since 2012, the consumption of tobacco products has increased. The price of a pack of cigarettes will rise by about a crown. The other excise duty is being fulfilled for 2014.

Overview of selected changes
Where to change Mn – / vce +(vK) COMMENTARY
Birth – 13 000 This is how much mothers who give birth and gave birth to children, as well as mothers with the birth of the first child in a family with a family income, exchange at least 2.4 times the subsistence minimum.
Rodiovsk pspvek – 45600 by that much, the total parental contribution will be allowed for these parental allowances
Povodov da (sleva na poplatnka) – 1 200 by so much, mt lovk ni ron salary, salary only in 2011
Sttn building spoen support – 1000, resp. – 2500 there will be so much maximum support in the year
Sickness insurance OSV – 432 by so much the paying minimum of at least the sickness insurance
Municipal waste fee – 500 there should be a fee for municipal waste
Discount on fee – 24 840 from 2013 onwards, a hunter with a salary of less than 98 thousand crowns will receive less
Discount on dt + 1 800 The number of parents who apply the discount on dt


Old-age pensions

After the 30th of 2011, people with a small income will be able to change their pensions for less than 36 thousand crowns. Depending on your income, you will have a pension and thousands of crowns.

Pspvek na bydlen

As of January 1, 2011, one of the conditions of the entitlement to housing allowance has changed. The increase is recognized by the state as a need for housing costs, so the contribution to housing will increase.

One-year-old or two-member households living in a dilapidated apartment or in a privately owned apartment will prefer the most, regardless of the number of inhabitants in the city. The contribution will increase by about 10 percent. At least, about 2.25 percent, the contribution of one-year households in the village increases from 10 to 50 thousand inhabitants.

Remuneration of employees in the public sector

Since January 2011, the freedom to pay people in the public sector has been paid. The government statutes the circle of employees, for whom it will be possible to determine the salary scale, or with whom I can even agree on a contractual salary.

Until the end of 2010, it was true that you joined a certain salary class, at the salary level (it was important, for example, for long hours worked and other factors), and the remuneration was strictly tax.

From January, the parameters for setting the scales of salary scales were also abolished. A significant change is that it is possible to employ a certain position of hunter without the necessary qualifications for an unlimited period of time.

Until the end of last year, it was the limit period of those years.

Discount on dt

Since 2012, the discount on dt has increased by 150 crowns msn. You will therefore be able to write off 13404 crowns (1 117 crowns msn).

So far, the discount on dt is 967 crowns msn (11,604 crowns ron).

Health insurance

Since 2012, the ceiling for health insurance has decreased, decreasing from a factor of four to a factor of five. People with high incomes will improve, health insurance will not pay it from incomes over 100 thousand crowns per month.

Podtreno seteno
What nm vlda took What nm vlda takes Co nm vlda d
maternity allowance, parental allowance for the entire period of parental leave, discount on fees, state support for building savings, tax on building savings from the year, sickness insurance for self-employed persons, severance pay, unemployment benefits VAT, municipal waste fee, one year from housing, old-age pensions for middle-income people, discount on high-income people old-age pensions for people with high incomes, housing allowance, compensation of employees in the public sector, discount on children, health insurance

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