Cheaper by train: From Prague to Ostrava with a difference of several hundred crowns

We tried to become familiar with the wandering of train tariffs and to advise those model groups of passengers on how to spend hundreds of crowns on the ticket. For all salaries, they should buy tickets in advance and over the internet.

It was true that the longest way to travel by train was the one who travels in one direction. It doesn’t have to be that way today. Even such passengers will save me if they work here and will be interested in discounts and offers. The best option is to drink to the cash register and just buy a ticket.

When, on the other hand, you get tickets in advance and on the website of Czech Railways, you can reach several of the discounts offered for your purchase of tickets several times, moreover, I will automatically deduct three percent of the price for the Internet and go through the website. buy free tickets, for example, in a hurry, for which you would pay 35 crowns per person and trip at the box office.

Kolik m

The idea is when you set aside time to buy a ticket, especially for long journeys, and you can model several different options on the Czech Railways website when you have to go exactly. Some discounts will be offered automatically in others, you have to find others yourself (calculation here).

For example, if you are looking for a route from a small village or to n, you can try to enter a route from the nearest city to it. It is quite possible that even at that moment you can get a cheap acne ticket between all cities and then buy a ticket to the village for just a hundred crowns. Also on the internet.

Your name and number of the document will be on the ticket

It’s a bit annoying that when buying a ticket on the web, you have to enter the ID card or In-card, if you have one, and your name, it’s not possible without it.

Then only a hunter can go to it, it was bought in his name and it is stated on it. If you want a ticket for all the people, all the documents can be for one name, its holder must be among the passengers. This also applies to your tickets abroad. Check in on trains and tickets at the train station.

However, you can’t expect to get you at the top price, as is usually the case with tickets purchased in advance, such discounts are simply not offered to individuals.

With family and on weekends

Families with children can do a lot if you leave your trip for the weekend. While on a scientific day they could buy a group ticket with a wall discount, on Saturdays and Sundays they can buy special weekends for group trips, valid either throughout the country or in individual regions and in their immediate vicinity. A nationwide group ticket costs 600 crowns for one day and can be attended by two adults and three children under 15 years of age or one adult and three children under 15 years of age. For 700 crowns in m will also apply to public transport in Prague.

Regional all-day groups of weekend tickets cost from 200 to 275 crowns, depending on the size of the region. You too can buy the Internet in advance, in which case with the name. Their price is the same bag, it does not decrease or increase with regard to the advance in which you buy them.

As soon as the bag moves to the age of 15 years, similar benefits con. While students can have a discount of up to 26 years for a weekly or monthly ticket, they pay the same for a regular salary as an adult and are entitled to this discount. Private carriers at least take into account the ISIC card, which can be used for anything. According to Kateina’s speech, the Czech class does not hide with him similarly, however, until the end, offer people under the age of 26 an In-karta with the application of 50% for 1,190 instead of the usual 1,330 crowns. Young people can thus get interesting discounts when traveling abroad.

With a private carrier cheap? Only sometimes

On the line between Prague and Ostrava, which leads through Pardubice and Olomouc, you can test whether it would not be worthwhile for me to go on a city with Czech railways with Leo Express or RegioJet.

After the new companies started operations, it was often the last time it was not so convenient for their driving bags. Czech railways on the same route have started to offer significant discounts, so the trip with them is the cheapest.

So compare the offers of carriers on the website, those private sometimes offer one-way tickets for less than two hundred crowns on my dial-up connection, Czech Railways vs from Prague to Ostrava for at least 210 crowns. The usual price of a one-way ticket for all carriers is around 290 crowns.

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