Change of field? ance are high. It’s not just patience and humility

Karirn change can be enlightening and give me new motivation. But be prepared for the fact that he will need to climb the hierarchical workbook from them. Lta’s experience is not just a peskoit. If you sweat, your ance is very sunny. Many companies are employees who come from other fields.

The hunter should consider the change of work at the moment when he realizes that the existing so-called nothing. Don’t go to work, I’m not happy about a long hurry, I’m not interested in anything related to his work. This has been done and is most about to change, according to Ondej Wysoglad, CEO of Manuvia’s Personal Services Division. Especially in such marginal crises, people come to want a radical change and do not want to completely change the field.

It is interesting that most people are positive about the change in the field. We asked about it in the survey and 86 percent of respondents were positive, said Wysoglad. Of these, 41 percent of respondents said that they would make a professional shift without problems, and 45 percent with concern.

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