Cestovn pojitn nov sjednte i pes ATM

Potovn spoitelna has launched a novelty in travel insurance. You can also insure yourself on the road with an ATM. Clients of other banks can also apply. The advantage is that you can insure an ATM in five ATMs.

You can use all Potovn spoitelny ATMs for travel insurance from mid-May. Just enter the name of the insured person, birth number, number of persons (maximum five) and from when to when the hunter wants to insure. A receipt will then be issued from the ATM, stating the identified data and the number of the insurance contract.

“The name of the binder is automatically generated by the ATM. The names of other insured persons do not appear in the event that more than one person is insured. The client does not have to spend so much time at the ATM with all the details, ”says Denisa Saltkov from Potovn spořitelna.

The insurance bank will pull you out of your here. For Potovn spoitelna clients the price is 23 crowns per day and for the others 25 crowns per day. For comparison, pay 18 crowns for travel insurance at Komern banka and 15 crowns for SOB Pojiovny.

If you can arrange an ATM insurance, you can insure yourself from the next day. The product contains, in addition to binding skull talents, also binding and code liability.

“The insurance company was compiled with regard to the specific needs of the client who is going on an early vacation,” explains Petr Kleiner from SOB Pojiovny.

Do not discard the receipt from the ATM

If something happens to you on holiday, the assistance service will report its name and the amount of the insurance contract, which is stated on the ATM receipt. Therefore, never throw the card out of the ATM.

Insurance salary for the most used holiday destinations in Europe, Tunisia, Turkey, the Canary Islands, Morocco, Israel and Egypt.

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