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The date of the divorce of Bari Alibasov from Lydia Fedoseeva-Shukshina has become known

The final court hearing on the dissolution of the marriage of producer Bari Karimovich Alibasov and actress Lydia Nikolaevna Shukshina will be held on December 24, 2020 in the judicial department of the magistrate: the ex-lovers still failed to reconcile.

Divorce will happen before the New Year - there is no turning back

As the PR director of Alibasov, Vadim Gorzhankin, said, Bari Karimovich did not make any statements about his desire to stop the divorce proceedings, on the contrary, the producer wants to terminate the relationship with the actress as soon as possible.

“Apparently, he is determined to” divorce “, – said Gorzhankin. – The initiator of the divorce was Fedoseeva-Shukshina. On November 6, the actress filed a lawsuit for divorce, and Alibasov is not against divorce. The Star Union was registered 2 years ago, on November 20, 2018. Since there is no dispute about children between the plaintiff and the defendant, and there is no dispute about the division of jointly acquired property, the claim is tried by the magistrate court at the place of residence of the defendant – Alibasov. “

PR director Alibasova stressed that the court on the donated apartment of Fedoseeva-Shukshina, for which there has been a war for several months, will take place in January 2021.

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Keti Topuria spoke about future childbirth

A Studio soloist Keti Topuria is expecting the birth of her second child. It is known that Keti will have a boy and the baby should be born in early January. Topuria told us about her plans for the birth of a baby.

Rumors about the singer’s pregnancy have been circulating for a long time, but Keti did not comment on conversations about her personal life. A very graphic commentary on Topuria’s interesting situation was the video for the song “Se la vie”, where the singer no longer hid her changed forms. By the way, the singer commented on her first pregnancy in the same way: five years ago, Keti placed all the accents in the video for the song “Here she is love.”

With the father of her daughter Olivia, businessman Lev Geykhman, the singer has been married for almost four years. And in November 2020, Keti played a wedding with entrepreneur Lev Dengov. Now the family lives in a country house, and in the absence of concerts, the singer enjoys maternity leave. But if mass events become possible, Keti will immediately return to work.

“I plan to give birth after the New Year,” – said the singer in an interview with the website WomanHit. – The last time I was pregnant with Olivia, I was literally a month on maternity leave. And now I will go out after two months. I think that’s enough for me. “

People’s Actresses “Russian Silhouette”

As you know, due to the coronavirus pandemic, secular and cultural life has come to a standstill. Against the background of such a forced, but still oppressive decline, the most striking and unique cultural event of the year for the high life of the capital was the release of the annual art calendar “Russian Silhouette”.

The Mitroshenkov and Mikhalkova Charitable Foundation presented a corporate calendar for 2021

Refined, luxurious, stylish, accessible only to a limited number of the foundation’s friends, for more than twenty years the photo calendar has become an encyclopedia of fashionable art. The brightest actresses, well-known media personalities, eminent designers and the best photographers every year demonstrate an appropriate view of fashion, beauty and creativity.

The idea of ​​the next issue was embodied in inimitable models: Alsou, Nastasya Samburskaya, Nadezhda Mikhalkova, Elena Sever, Katerina Shpitsa, Miroslava Karpovich, Victoria Poltorak, Glafira Glazunova, Victoria Maslova, Anna Churina, Elizaveta Kononova, Inna Malikova, Ksenia Guseva. Behind the camera – the legend of fashion photography Alexander Multikov.

Alexander Mitroshenkov, founder of the Russian Silhouette charitable foundation:

– Who is the conductor of fashion trends today? Who are the main trendsetters? These are bright personalities that we see on the screen: actresses, singers, TV presenters. They are inspiration for designers and photographers. They are also a model of style for millions of viewers. No wonder there was a joke that if an actress is filmed in the calendar “Russian silhouette” – she is truly national.

Each of the calendar images tells a specific story. History of Moscow. Heroines – against the backdrop of urban landscapes, architectural masterpieces, ultra-modern buildings. The pages of the photo album are a manifesto to the beauty of the capital, which often eludes us in the daily rush.

The main goal of the project, like that of the entire charitable foundation, remains the support and promotion of young Russian designers, the desire to help them show talent and become worthy to represent Russia in the arena of world fashion.

Tatyana Mikhalkova, President of the Russian Silhouette Charitable Foundation:

– The publication “Russian Silhouette” is a bestseller in the world of the fashion industry, it is a real encyclopedia of designers, many of whom are old friends of the foundation: Valentin Yudashkin, Tatyana Parfenova, Alsu Abramova and Yana Yadgarova (Basique 7.13), Yulia Yanina (Yanina), Victoria Andreyanova, Liza Romanyuk (Vemina), Igor Gulyaev, Yana Raskovalova, Maria Didarova. There are those who themselves began their ascent into the world of fashion from our competition of young designers: Anastasia Zadorina, Oleg Ovsiev, Andrey Ponomarev. Now they, together with us, provide support to young talented artists, invite the finalists of the competition for internships, help grow a creative class that begins to dictate the rules of fashion not only in Russia, but also in Europe. And in the calendar, along with eminent couturiers, we traditionally represent a young designer: he selects an outfit for the heroine from his own collection in accordance with the concept of the project. This time it was Georgy Black. Just imagine, the Russian Silhouette competition receives over 3000 applications from all over the country, from which we select the best. I am sure that over the years we have achieved the main thing: it has become popular in Russia to wear Russian collections.

The TV presenter traditionally becomes the youngest participant in the Russian Silhouette calendar Ksenia Guseva, who began filming for the project as a very young girl.

“This time I joined the filming later than the others,” she says. – Everyone, as far as I know, was filmed back in September, and I was filmed just a month ago. But since it was “live” shooting, that is, they took place outside, it was already very cold. Of course, I was afraid of getting sick, but, thank God, this did not happen, because they kept me warm: they threw a sheepskin coat over my shoulders and protected me from the snow with an umbrella. But speaking from the point of view of shooting, it turned out great, with the weather for work was lucky: there was a blizzard, a real snowy day, and I was in such a beautiful dress, with a huge, fluffy skirt, and all together it looked just amazingly beautiful! Although getting to the point of shooting in this dress, even just going outside, was not easy. But the New Year’s mood appeared immediately: snow, frost, beautiful dress, everything is like in a fairy tale! Before that, there was never a filming on the streets, they always took place in the studio. But this time we worked very quickly, literally in a quarter of an hour, because the weather, the landscape and me – all this immediately blended into the composition of the shooting.

– Ksenia, you started acting as a very young girl, has this work somehow influenced your life, your choice of profession?

– To be honest, the main thing that I understood during this work: I am definitely not a model. It’s all incredibly interesting: going to the podium, shooting for the calendar, but my main activity was still the work of the host. Today I am on channel TV3, on Meteo-TV, I conduct a weather forecast, and I really like it. I realized that I can use my talent, voice, appearance – all together with greater benefit for myself and with great interest. I started going to the podium at the age of 16 (although I looked then at 14), and it brought me great benefit – it helped me to loosen up, to open up, pulled out femininity from me. But my appearance and worldview change with age, and today I perceive myself and the world around me more maturely, so it is ideal for me now to work as a leader.

Kharlamov ridiculed the boxing abilities of Gordon and Solovyov: “they would really be hammered”

Showman Garik Kharlamov ridiculed Ukrainian TV journalist Dmitry Gordon, who demonstrates his boxing skills on video. The comedian invited the Ukrainian to arrange a duel against his Russian counterpart Vladimir Solovyov.

The showman invited the TV presenters to arrange a fight in the ring

Showman Garik Kharlamov ridiculed Ukrainian TV journalist Dmitry Gordon, who demonstrates his boxing skills on video. The comedian invited the Ukrainian to arrange a duel against his Russian counterpart Vladimir Solovyov.

In his Instagram, Kharlamov posted footage of Gordon in the gym, which shows on a dummy how to hit the enemy. Gordon hits him twice in the head, after which, according to the journalist, the Adam’s apple should “fly out” by himself.

On this part of the video with Gordon ends, followed by a “master class” first from an unknown boxer with dubious qualifications, and then from Vladimir Solovyov. Video with a Russian TV presenter boxing on the air “Soloviev. Live ”, at one time caused ridicule on the Web. According to Kharlamov, Gordon and Solovyov, as martial artists, should “huddle” with each other.

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Publication from Garik Kharlamov (@garikkharlamov)

“It seems to me that if Gordon and Solovyov would have applied for MMA and would have really hammered in, it would have been the most rated fight in the entire post-Soviet space,” the showman suggested.

He noted that this fight could bring them both a lot of money.

The idea of ​​the Comedy Club star was appreciated by many users, including actor Oscar Kuchera and producer Iosif Prigogine.

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