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“The dumb humor of the Cross is a mirror”

Humor is serious, but humor is bad. For humor and can kill, we know. Laugh, but be careful: what if you offend someone’s sacred feelings. Believers will not forgive you for this.

Laugh but be careful

Stand-up artist Alexander Dolgopolov fled Russia. Perhaps, in his jokes, he confused the Fatherland and Your Excellency, but in general, he insulted everyone he could, and on the denunciation of a vigilant citizen they already wanted to take him red-handed (and what did the stand-up artist have?), But did not have time. That’s what humor is.

Humor is different. There is Urgant’s humor … Beware, Orthodox Christians, the joke of this Jew, well, yes, Vanya is a cutie, he will always apologize, tea is not out of malice, but out of the kindness of his soul.

There is KVN humor … Licked, sleek, plastic – none.

There is humor “Comedy Club”. These former kaveenschikov have been in the system for a long time, they are built in for the most part. And what, people earn money, such a job. But they are also talented! Not all, but some. And when no one sees (on TV), they post on YouTube such bright, savory, political crusts, they laugh so coolly at the authorities. But they always know when to say “stop” to themselves, they perfectly understand where the “double line” is.

Danila Poperechny.Photo: Still from video

There is the clever humor of Maxim Galkin, also such oppositional and loyal. Well, really, it is difficult to seriously destroy with laughter the most important Servant of the people (he is not Zelensky, he is different) when you have a six-story castle in the village of Gryazi.

There is the humor of Zhvanetsky, the favorite humor of the unfinished Soviet intelligentsia.

There is the humor of Evgeny Petrosyan. No comment.

There is the humor of “Charlie Hebdo”. Bright memory.

And there are stand adapters. Yes, now they are. It is considered terribly fashionable: I go out alone … and babble whatever my heart desires. It must be funny … It must be. Now they are being called to the box. Those who go and show themselves are at great risk. They discredit the profession.

Then the best stand-up of all times and peoples was Arkady Raikin. And Gennady Khazanov and Yan Arlazorov. But they read other people’s texts, and these, new, their own. Better to be silent. So untalented, so toothless. Who sent you?

But there is a political stand-up. This will never be shown on TV. Danila Poperechny stands on the stage and covers Russian politics with the last words. Only, except for the last words, there is nothing at all, no mind, no fantasy. Only one flat hitting. But the stadium is full of spectators – and everyone laughs. Why are you laughing?

Alexander Dolgopolov.Photo: Still from video

The dumb humor of the Cross is a mirror. Compass, by which you can determine the exit path, request from below. Zhvanetsky with his half-hints, encrypted revelations polished to a shine, are no longer needed by new viewers. They need a mat against the authorities, they are dragged away from it. No taste, no style, no humor – only one stupid mat.

This audience is looking for something that TV is completely devoid of. The blue screen only broadcasts sterile political jokes, tested in all locations. And the authorities laugh, it is easy and pleasant for them. The blue screen creates a great illusion of an indestructible connection between “communists and non-party”, people and government.

In fact, this sticky, made-up life is very fragile. “Come out to the Volga, whose groan is heard?” This world was not invented by us, this world was not invented by me.

A man completely devoid of a sense of humor by the name of Poperechny collects cue balls and sold out houses because of the cowardice of television, because of the fear of big bosses to be funny. And the people themselves, former or potential spectators, run from the box as from a leper. Such cowardice of the mighty of this world causes only anger and hidden protest. A transverse only an excuse, a detail, but if suddenly something goes wrong in Russia, those who do not know how and are afraid to laugh at themselves will be to blame. Bestial seriousness in politics will bring the country to the zugunder.

He’s a monument!

If he’s 60, how old are you? If he could, why couldn’t you? If he’s lucky, why are you …? Because he is Parfenov.

Leonid Parfenov.Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

You have to build yourself up in such a way that you can enter the pocket precisely, subtly, stylishly! According to Senka and a hat, a uniform according to his height. He made himself, like a simple self-made man. He owes nothing to anyone, he is walking by himself, not leaning against anyone except wine sponsors, but this is already so, a harsh feature of our time.

He alone did so much on TV that he could easily found a channel named after himself, his beloved, and twist and twist his masterpieces endlessly and without edge. Well, against the background of the current television emptiness, any Parfenov’s film, any of his “The other days” seem to be unconquered Everest, and he himself is Gulliver.

He understood better than anyone all the power and possibilities of television, the magic of pictures, a special unique voice-over text and, again, himself, a beacon on the screen. All this is waving hands, shagistika is just a form, a synonym for movement, light breathing, tempo rhythm. For Parfenov, the whole point is in strength and harmony, it is through such a magical combination, mixed, synthesis that meaning is transmitted. He has nothing edifying, mentoring, no “do as I do.” Whoever wants and can do it, here is Pivovarov, for example, a Parfenov clone. But go again and again.

Parfenov always subtly checks his public manifestation: there should not be too much of it, there should never be too little of it. His speech at the only Listyev Prize (the only one just because of this speech) has already become historical, exemplary and extremely worthy. I ask you to revise the work of this Master, get incredible pleasure.

… It turned out to be some kind of eulogy, even an epitaph. But alive, alive, you know!

He escaped the TV and did the right thing. Why does Parfenov need TV, why does Parfenov’s TV? Go to YouTube and you will see a miracle there. I’m not exaggerating: the sequel to “The other day 1946-1960.” – the highest level.

Parfenov is Forev, that’s all.

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A man from the 90s: Valery Komissarov returns

Komissarov is back! Yes, not one, but with a hologram of Lyudmila Markovna Gurchenko. She (or rather, her bright image) will now lead the new Komissarov project. I don’t know how it will come out from an ethical point of view, we’ll see. But Komissarov … I remembered everything at once.

As a tall mustachioed guy, he worked on the air, not otherwise, even starting with the plots of the “Look” program. How artistically I looked at the filmed life, even poetically. How he took a simple Chukchi and took him to Paris, how he rejoiced at him there, was surprised, admired.

And then My Family appeared, and Komissarov became a brand. It was believed that there he mocked the Russian people, mocked. And he just showed the people as they are, just put a mirror, nothing else. People were offended, of course, looking at themselves from the outside, but the ratings were frantic.

Then there were “Windows”, where Dmitry Nagiyev’s star ascended, staged fights and staged insults. The viewer wrote with boiling water with pleasure. Komissarov guessed right again.

In the wake of popularity, he went to the Duma and there he himself became funny. Although he proposed a very correct bill that citizens should not turn off hot water in summer more than they can afford. In a word, the deputy career did not work out, and Komissarov completely went into the shadows.

Photo: Lilia Sharlovskaya

Occasionally he appeared at Malakhov and Galkin’s and showed that he still looks like a cucumber. And so a man from the 90s decided to return. Shake the old days?

Will he guess again? I think yes. Because today’s TV is a flat, smooth straight line, like the pulse of a deceased, and against this background, even a freak like Valery Komissarov can easily become a superstar.

“Agent Sobchak completed the task”

Let’s say to Ksyusha a big human thanks: if not for her, what else would be worth writing about on the sun-drenched television field? After the coronavirus, Ms. Sobchak is # 2 on this information list.

Ksyusha wanted on TV for so long

She at least tried

… She wanted on TV for so long, on Channel One itself … She wanted so long. No, she has already been on television – at Dozhd. And I felt great there. And she showed all her possibilities there (“Dom-2”, let’s forget, as if it never existed). On Dozhd, Ksyusha felt like a fish (not Nastya!) In the water, turning out to be a serious political journalist, with her exclusive insight, with a lightning-fast reaction, with the ability to open good, bad, evil people like a tin can. But what is “Rain” in our time? A small but proud channel for its own – is this really a scale? Here is the First Federal! ..

What did she do for this! She was the coolest oppositionist (“I have something to lose”), divorced Navalny, reached an agreement with the Kremlin, and became president. Ksyusha is our president! At the same time, I must say, she showed miracles of courage at certain moments. A shot of a woman standing alone in the center of Grozny holding a poster in support of Oyub Titiev, cursed and spat upon – this is not forgotten. PR, you say? So go, try it, make such a PR! Well, that’s it.

So, Agent Sobchak completed the task, scored her cherished 1.67%, removed the liberals from the board to hell. The spoiler has done its job, the spoiler can come on big TV. She was played by the big guys who make decisions, she played them. Such a wonderful game!

Photo: AGN “Moscow”

She wanted it so … so long wanted … So she flew in. “And you can’t stop time for a moment …” – as Alla Borisovna sang, with whom Sobchak makes life. When she wanted, just a few years ago, big TV still had some meaning. But now…

Television ordered to live long. If earlier the participants of the “magic” broadcast were carried in their arms, now they will soon be kicked in the face when they meet. And then Ksyusha appears!

Already a hackneyed, worn-out topic, sucked, gnawed to a drop by Malakhov and Borisov: a reworked Chekhov – three sisters kill their father. Not blonde anymore. The people in the studio, the crowd, are ordinary Soviet people who sincerely hate Sobchak. She must take on this hostile audience or crawl away in disgrace.

Emotion has been the main thing on TV at all times. An emotion obtained by any means, sometimes the dirtiest. If you give emotion, you will take your jackpot.

Pure, genuine emotions – this is for Malakhov, he knows how. This is now to Borisov, I learned. Of course, to Galkin, to Urgant, where there is a solid positive. Sobchak is completely different. Very smart, very cynical (some say “vicious”, but this is a matter of their refined taste). Everything comes from her mind, not from her heart, even grief. She sets a task for herself and conquers project after project. The current project is called: I am on First, I did it! Mom, Vitorgan, Bogomolov – be proud of me!

At first I spat, then I was perplexed. Then I got involved and began to empathize, poor me! Its super task is to put a semantic “straw”, philosophical, legislative, sensual, under all these “horrors of our town”, under “how scary to live”, that is, to dig much deeper than Malakhov and Borisov.

Ksenia came to the country’s main TV at the moment when it exhausted itself, became meaningless and merciless. Will he be able to breathe life into an already dead form, arrange a bams, a scandal, an earthquake, a virus, after which the people will wake up and again, as in the best of times, will run to turn on their boxes with feeling, sensibly, with an order. Will it return the prestige to this shaitan-box, which at best works as a background, and at worst in decent houses it is no longer turned on or has stopped buying at all?

Mission Impossible, Stirlitz was as close to failure as ever. Reviving a corpse is fantastic. But at least she tried, didn’t she, old McMurphy ?!


She laughed so hard, this girl from Kamchatka TV! When I just heard that laugh, I so wanted … to see her. We call this laughter a song.

Photo: Still from video

She laughed like Margarita flying on a broomstick – loudly, cheerfully and impudently. Like that beautiful stranger from B.G.

One priest got into an argument with her;

He secretly always desired her body;

When he pulled out his argument,

She laughed, she flew away …

We just have to laugh. Free journalism on TV is laughing through tears behind the scenes, it’s good that it’s not a live broadcast! These ridiculous one and a half thousand allowances, these 137 rubles for a sanatorium, these remaining for international / intercity transfers. Indeed, it is very funny.

Our laughter is our protest. The protest of the silent TV, squeezed from all sides, clogged. But there are also girls with increased social responsibility who know how to laugh.

Political passions started around the dismemberment professor Oleg Sokolov

“A blood-curdling story.” This is Velurov-Bronevoy at the Pokrovskie Gates. Well, very funny. And now … A blood-curdling story.

Maniac in hype

I came from vacation, from Israel. I turned on the radio at the airport. Everything, literally all serious political programs, the hosts of these programs spoke only about this, and about nothing else. Just about that.

“Varya, I can’t get used to this. You know, everyone around someone is catching, grabbing, shooting, whores laugh, ambushes … I no longer know when I’m guilty, when I’m right. ” (“The meeting place cannot be changed,” shown the other day on the “Culture” channel.)

So the Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky said that the mass media (TV first of all) hype on this topic – about how the assistant professor killed and dismembered his love. And he even called this associate professor Joker. It is understandable why: the minister knew the assistant professor, and now he is in excruciating pain.

But the hype was for sure. Of course, Malakhov, of course, Borisov, First and Second. Malakhov was even given carte blanche, his show was extended to complete dimensionlessness, beyond the bounds and boundaries. The guys have already performed twice, but is this a record? Here Armen Dzhigarkhanyan had a record, there our favorite high-fires were noted about twenty-five times. And Diana Shurygina was a record. So everything is still ahead.

But who were these people who were called on the talk shows? Many, it seems, potential Sokolovs, are the same psychos and maniacs. It’s just not destiny yet … What were they carrying there! They talked about the immortal role of Dostoevsky in this terrible crime, Petersburg in general, Raskolnikov as such, as a real character. And it is not clear who was no longer in himself: the so-called family friend who immediately abandoned the docent-dismemberment, or the ex-wife, ready to provide the murderer and sadist with her apartment for living. Of course, there was Nevzorov, the chief analyst for this kind of hot little things, and, of course, Karaulov, who, of course, said that a little more – and our next killer will be our Alexander Glebovich. To which Glebovich immediately retorted: “Looking at how you look, you will not become a murderer. See what has become of your face. You will burst soon. ” I think, after such immortal phrases, Malakhov and Borisov only rubbed their hands with terrible pleasure.

And at the “Culture” in the program of Mikhail Shvydkoy “Agora”, the bloody professor of the Sorbonne, the Knight of the Legion of Honor, was also invisibly present. The intelligentsia offered to shoot a movie about him, called him the main character of the day (well, yes, the day, because after a while this Sokolov will be forgotten anyway, others will appear). That is, the smartest people in Russia are already making a meme, a symbol of him. Guess it.

Well, that’s okay, political passions have already started around Sokolov. The democratic community points a finger at the statesmen: he is yours, he handled with you. Patriots-statesmen in response hint: aha, an intellectual, that means a liberal, no, you’re lying, you won’t take it – he’s yours! That is, the maniac Sokolov is thrown over the net like a tennis ball.

And the eyes are so cold, cold … Whether it’s Ukraine, that’s where the true passion is. But here’s another observation after the vacation. Artyom Sheinin (“Time Will Show”) had the same father of three children who miraculously managed to take his offspring first from Sweden to Poland, and then home to Russia. And their mother, his wife, became mentally ill. So this heroic man was attacked by almost the entire studio: how did he dare to leave Mother Russia for this damn Sweden, and even with children. “Traitor!” – hung in the air. And Sheinin … Yes, the eyes are cold, cold.

This is what we are: we are tearing our hearts across Ukraine from day to day, and the unfortunate hero who has returned to us is appointed as an enemy of the people. And, of course, Oleg Sokolov is so interesting. Already horror.

And now Humpback!

How to return a masterpiece to its modern shine? So that they looked again and gasped with pleasure. So that today, like forty years ago … It’s very simple: you need to show a masterpiece on the Kultura channel.

Photo: Still from video

They did just that with the “Meeting Place”, which cannot be changed. However, this film does not need rehabilitation at all times. And yet … He began to be shown on the channel “Culture” on the Day of the police (well, how can you say “police”?). Yes, and for the fortieth anniversary of the release. And immediately new meanings appeared!

Shown in the same Soviet regime from 1979. When everyone was watching, when the streets were empty and everyone, absolutely everyone, from the academician to the last bandit, sat and watched the TV without stopping. This is how Kultura transported us to that cherished Soviet era, to that stagnation of the name of Brezhnev, for which we yearn so much. And it was great.

And more … Since “Culture”, then, look here, while knowing by heart every word, every gesture, the look of Zheglov and Sharapov, Humpbacked and Kirpich with Ruchechnik, new cultural meanings. Because the show on this channel gives air, entourage, form for the “Meeting Place”. And that’s great.

Painfully familiar image!

The usual qualifying match for Euro 2020, unremarkable – Ireland – Denmark. Yes, not France, not Germany or even the Netherlands. But something very important happened.

At first I couldn’t believe my ears: a painfully familiar voice. Oh really? Is it really him, Yura, Yuri Albertovich? It turned out, yes, I heard right – this is Rozanov.

It was not on the air for a year and a half. Ever since the 2018 World Cup in Russia, I wondered: why the best commentator in the country does not report on such a world championship? Why is he only given some out-of-the-box games that can be counted on one hand?

It turned out that everything is simple and scary at the same time. A person is sick, it happens. He fell seriously ill. And disappeared from the ether, his voice disappeared.

At the TEFI ceremony, he even got into the nomination, but Dima Guberniev received the statuette. Probably, they decided to support Yura, but by the way, he is already the best and does not need such pity. He is a great commentator on football and hockey, no one comments like that. And for many, he is a living symbol of the New Year, because, as always, he led the youth world hockey championships, which were held precisely on these happy holidays. And how he did!

But there is no man, and they began to forget Yura. Of course, there are so many others! And so he returned … Believe me, for us, the fans, this is just happiness. Health, Yuri Albertovich!