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Cashier Khairullina who stole 25 million bursts into tears after hearing the verdict

On Monday, September 28, the Salavat court put an end to the high-profile story of the “Bashkir Bonnie and Clyde”, who managed to steal about 25 million rubles from the bank for a couple. Luiza Khairullina, a simple cashier, who took out bills in her purse for several years, received five years in a general regime colony. The mastermind of the robbery of the century, Marat Khairullin, received a year more.

“I didn't strive for luxury, I didn't buy anything for myself, I gave money to my husband”

Recall that the loss of 25.4 million rubles in the Salavat branch of Rosselkhozbank was noticed in May last year. The security service quickly established that senior cashier Luiza Khairullina could be involved in the theft. Law enforcement officers visited the cashier’s home, but they found no one in the apartment. The neighbors said that the Khairullins couple fled with their children, leaving all household appliances, furniture, personal belongings in the apartment. And only a month later, in July 2019, the “Bashkir Bonnie and Clyde” were found in a rented apartment in Kazan. The Khairullins were returned home. The senior cashier was sent to await trial in a pre-trial detention center, and the man was ordered to be under house arrest.

When the investigators began to investigate, it turned out that the ideological mastermind of the crime was in fact a man. The apparently prosperous family had debts on loans, because its head squandered his earnings on rates. When the family budget cracked, Marat began to ask his mistress to take out some money from the cashier. The first time, in 2017, Louise took out 50 thousand rubles, then 100. Appetites increased: if at first the senior cashier took money in rubles, then later the currency – euros and dollars – was used. Sometimes a woman gave her husband money right at the workplace, where he came under the guise of a bank client. As Marat himself later admitted, “his wife followed his lead.” The woman herself explained that “she did not strive for luxury, did not buy anything for herself and gave all the money to her husband.” As a result, when not a penny was left at the box office, the couple decided to flee.

The husband of the kidnapper of millions was at first a witness, but after the revelations on a popular talk show, his status changed and the man became an accomplice. On the air of the program, which, by the way, generously pays for participation, the man said that he had lost all 25 million rubles. However, after the program, having received his fee, the man backed down and said that allegedly his wife’s lawyers had advised him to “confess” his guilt.

The announcement of the Khairullin’s verdict in the Salavat Court on Monday began in the afternoon and lasted more than an hour. The first to arrive at the meeting was Marat, who was under house arrest. The man was in a cheerful frame of mind. And Louise who arrived under escort, according to eyewitnesses, sighed heavily. By the way, many local journalists who followed the process noted that Louise became paradoxically prettier in the pretrial detention center – the woman threw off about 15 kilograms, let go of her braid …

Both hoped that the court would give them suspended sentences, despite the fact that the prosecutor asked for real ones. Perhaps that is why the woman could not restrain herself and burst into tears after the announcement of the terms. The man, who was taken into custody right in the courtroom, also barely contained his emotions. Already in the cage, he asked journalists not to interfere in his life.

“We’ll figure it out somehow without you,” the convict rapped out, answering a question from correspondents who were interested in the further fate of the Khairullins’ minor children. By the way, now Louise’s father enters the schoolchildren, on whom real trials rained down – first, his daughter went to prison, then his wife died.

As for the stolen money, according to Louise’s lawyer, she has already made an attempt to start making damages. Marat only promised that he would return the stolen goods.

The youngest “thief in law” was imprisoned for 11 years for old cases

Criminal authority Shalva Ozmanov, nicknamed Kusya (Kuso), who is called the youngest thief in law, was sentenced by the Moscow City Court to 11 years in prison. The grand-nephew of another well-known mafioso, Shakro Molodoy, was reminded of the shooting at a car wash six years ago and heaped up with a relatively new article of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Occupying a high position in the criminal hierarchy.”

The Moscow City Court sentenced Shalva Ozmanov, nicknamed Kusya, for shooting at a gas station six years ago

Let us remind you that a year ago Shalva Ozmanov was detained in the Krasnodar Territory and accused of intentionally causing grievous bodily harm. Six years ago in Moscow, Kuso shot a car wash administrator in the buttock. At that time, this episode was hushed up thanks to an agreement with the victim. But later there were witnesses to the shot who were ready to confirm their testimony at the trial. In addition, Ozmanov was charged under the “anti-thief” article 210.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. On top of everything else, he had a suspended sentence – two years for illegal carrying of a pistol, with which the “authority” threatened visitors of one of the Krasnodar bars.

Ozmanov’s mother went to almost every court session. The mother of the thief in law had one answer to all the journalists’ questions:

– My son is innocent!

The defense provided the court with a written statement from the victim, which says that Shalva did not shoot him in the buttock.

“We ask to discontinue the criminal case against Ozmanov, since he is innocent of what happened and has nothing to do with it,” the judge read out. – I will not even discuss this statement. He does not join the materials of the case, I will not leave it to myself.

The prosecutor invited an operative, who briefly spoke about how he came to the hospital to the victim to seize an important material evidence – a bullet.

When Ozmanov’s lawyers asked whether he personally removed the bullet, the operative laughed and replied:

– No, doctors helped me.

As for the charges under the “anti-thief” article, the defense of Kusya interpreted this in its own way.

“My client calls himself a thief, not a thief in law,” the lawyer tried to justify Ozmanov.

One way or another, the Moscow State Court sentenced Ozmanov to 11 years in a strict regime.

– Such terms are given to pedophiles. For what 11 years? Now everyone is wearing tattoos, women are wearing tattoos! And now to plant for this? – Kusya’s mother Tamara Petrova was indignant.

Certain types of theft and fraud will no longer be considered a crime

112 crimes, including theft and fraud, can cease to be criminalized by the Supreme Court. Such acts will be classified as a criminal offense.

A bill was approved to transfer certain violations of the law to the category of criminal offenses

The draft law with amendments to the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code was approved by the Plenum of the Supreme Court. Recall that for the first time the initiative of the highest instance was submitted to the State Duma in 2017. Then it was proposed to transfer to the category of misconduct 80 elements of crimes of small and gravity, committed for the first time. Now a number of crimes against property have been added to them. These are mainly “entrepreneurial” articles of the Criminal Code, but there are also more massive ones – theft and fraud without aggravating circumstances. As the chairman of the Armed Forces, Vyacheslav Lebedev, emphasized, 44.7 thousand people were convicted for these crimes in 2019. At the same time, 20.2 thousand convicts (45%) had no previous convictions, and 37% of them were under thirty years old.

As the head of the Supreme Court noted, the implementation of the proposed changes will contribute to the socialization of citizens who have committed such crimes for the first time, especially at a young age, and prevent their involvement in the criminal environment. Crimes in the field of public procurement and tax fraud were not included in the new bill. Also, as noted in the Armed Forces, crimes with a high social danger will not be considered an offense: crimes against military service, knowingly false reporting of a terrorist attack and illegal actions that caused slight harm to the health of the victim.

The traveler sued the travel agency for not being able to conquer Kazbek

The well-known quote from the song by Vladimir Vysotsky “The guy in the mountains pull – take a chance” went sideways to the specialists of the sports travel club. The young man decided to conquer Kazbek, one of the famous peaks of the North Caucasus, but failed to cope with the route and filed a lawsuit for a failed ascent.

True, he managed to collect less than 1,000 rubles

As it became known to “MK”, ​​a fiasco in the mountains in August last year suffered a 26-year-old resident of Serpukhov near Moscow. He registered on the website of the travel club in order to climb Kazbek as part of a group under the guidance of an experienced instructor. This is a serious test – after all, the height of the mountain is 5033 meters, so the success of the expedition largely depended on the training of the participants in the campaign. The future hero of the judicial scandal reached the glacier at around 4200 meters, but refused to continue climbing. And he blamed the organizers of the trip for everything. In the statement of claim, the man insisted that the instructor himself allegedly suffered from altitude sickness, he did not have a drill and rope, the participants of the hike were not measured daily oxygen levels.

There were also purely everyday problems – for example, the living conditions in a hostel in Tbilisi, from where the group started, turned out to be so terrible that tourists had to look for other accommodation. The young man made a claim for almost 400 thousand rubles. This amount also included compensation for moral damage – the guy insisted that after the failed ascent he lost sleep and was forced to see a doctor.

In the Ramenskoye City Court, one of the expedition members indirectly confirmed the plaintiff’s words. The whole group did not reach Kazbek precisely because of the quality of the organization of the trip, and the applicant for compensation refused to continue the trip precisely because he did not trust the inexperienced instructor. Only with the factual confirmation of complaints, the travelers turned out to be rather poor. The guide presented all the necessary certificates, confirmed the availability of the equipment and expressed the opinion that the unfortunate extreme was forced to interrupt the trip solely because of poor physical training. The plaintiff could not confirm the low quality of housing in Tbilisi either. The only real complaint was the lack of a pulse oximeter (a device for measuring oxygen in the blood). The court assessed this flagrant violation at 68 rubles. For a night outside the hostel, the tourist was paid 204 rubles. And the amount of compensation for moral damage has shrunk to 500 rubles.