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Participant in the shooting in Moscow City called on the blonde prosecutor not to pester

The main person involved in the shooting in the Moscow City complex – two-time world kickboxing champion Magomed Ismailov (aka Cobra) – testified in the Presnensky court on Wednesday, September 23. The defendant, answering the questions of his lawyers, told in detail what preceded the brutal fight between the guard of businessman Gabriel Yushvaev and the employees of the Russian Guard at the anniversary of another businessman, Dmitry Pavlov. At the same time, he flatly refused to answer the questions of the prosecutor Maria Semenenko, known for her harsh tactics of work in the processes. At some point, when the prosecutor insisted, the defendant, smiling, asked the blonde in high heels “not to pester”.

World kickboxing champion Ismailov testified in the Presnensky court and did not answer any question from the state prosecutor

The entire meeting was devoted to the interrogation of the main person involved in the case, the owner of the sports club “Scorpio” Magomed Ismailov. The defendant began with the main thing:

-I don’t admit myself guilty. I did not do anything that I am accused of: I had no weapons, I did not insult, I did not hooligan. I myself miraculously survived. Khamidov saved me (Eduard Khamidov was Ismailov’s bodyguard and now he is also involved in the criminal case – approx. ed.). Commands “Shoot!” did not give, the weapon from Yakobson (Arthur Yakobson is an employee of Rosgvardia, who guarded the hero of the day Dmitry Pavlov and was originally considered the instigator of the fight – approx. ed.) did not kidnap and did not transfer to anyone.

Then Ismailov said that on November 17, 2017, he came to the anniversary of Dmitry Pavlov together with his close friend Yushvaev. He, by the way, previously participated in the opening of the sports club “Scorpio” and generally “helped in every possible way” when Ismailov was professionally involved in sports. Yushvaev’s car parked in its place at the Oko tower, standing firmly at the curb. Ismailov stressed that Yushvaev, as the owner of the building, was assigned his personal place on the parking lot. The men were met by one of the hero’s guards. It is noteworthy that at that moment there were no questions about parking the car. On the 4th floor, where the banquet was going on, the guests sat down at their table. Ismailov did not drink alcohol. An hour later, at about 21.00, he went out into the street to “talk to a friend”, to call his wife Ekaterina. After that, he saw how one of the guards, who was distinguished by his bald head, approached Yushvaev’s car and began talking in raised tones with the driver. Ismailov decided to intervene:

-I spoke without aggression. Why be aggressive? I didn’t want to show aggression. I just came to find out what’s going on. But the guard was already “charged” – he was talking without following his speech, – said the defendant, noting that the interlocutor did not seem sober to him. -I began to explain to him that I had arrived with my friend, he is the owner of the Oko tower. His car does not bother anyone, this is her place.

According to Ismailov, at some point unknown people in camouflage uniforms entered the conversation “off topic” and in the conflict “began to live their own separate life”.

-We talked. Two wedged in. They had nothing to do with us anymore. Then I said that there was no need to gather here – and everyone dispersed.

Then, realizing that the “bald one” was in charge, Ismailov put his arm around his shoulders and led him into the hall to “amicably resolve the situation.”

-I came for my birthday. This whole situation – security guards, parking, a car – I didn’t need. I wanted to remove the “crowd factor,” Ismailov said, adding that after two minutes of conversation, it seemed to him that the conflict was resolved. – When we approached the elevator, it seemed that the conflict was over. And suddenly the door opens, and two or three people of Slavic appearance come out, already “charged”. One gets out and immediately reloads the pistol. It was Titarenko, as is already known (Kirill Titarenko – the hero of the hero of the day, participated in a shootout and was wounded in the head – approx. ed.) … Then the conversation started with the collision. I saw a weapon, and it greatly angered me. I then said to him “What are you, machine gunner? Why are you getting your weapon? ” To which he pointed the gun straight at me.

The defendant noted that he did not give anyone the command to “get our weapons”, as some witnesses heard.

-After the shot, I instinctively jumped back and, bouncing, fell. Shooting began. I felt that someone was leaning on me, it was Khamidov. And his wounds from the back – these bullets were intended for me, – explained the defendant.

Recovering himself, Ismailov ran out of the building and walked down the street to another entrance. From there I went up to the floor where Valdis Pelsh and the artists of the circus “Du Soleil” used to cheer the guests. Now chaos reigned there – shots were heard, the guests panicked, ran to the exit, someone shouted “killed the riot policeman.” On the 4th floor, Ismailov sat out the shooting behind the curtain, and then came out of hiding and left. And the next day, having learned from the media that the case had a resonance, he himself appeared at 38 Petrovka.

– Nobody put me on the wanted list. I thought that I would be interrogated as a witness and released. But I was detained, and I did not give detailed evidence, ”Ismailov said.

He also noted that Cobra is not a nickname, as the prosecutor earlier put it, but a sports nickname.

-This is ring hiring. I entered the ring with this nickname, as the coach called me, – explained Ismailov.

Then the prosecutor Maria Semenenko proceeded to interrogate the accused. However, as such, the interrogation did not work out – even at the first sessions, Ismailov announced a boycott to the prosecutor. And this time the defendant said that “he would not answer Maria Eduardovna’s questions,” because the investigation “sewed up his case with white thread.” The accused sat down on the bench, and the prosecutor began to read out her questions:

“Please tell me if you don’t know the people who approached the parking lot, then why did they listen to you when you told everyone to disperse?”

“If people and you didn’t have weapons, then how can you explain the presence of 15 cartridges and 8 bullets from different weapons?”

“Tell me, please, if Khamidov defended you, then why did he go to the 4th floor after that?”

“Khamidov, who blocked you with his body, was he alone? Or were there still his acquaintances with him? “

“When Khamidov went to the 4th floor, why did he go there? Did his acquaintances go to the 4th floor? “

“Tell me, please, did you say the phrase“ We are not guests here, we are the hosts here ”?

“Tell me, please, when you came to Petrovka 38, what surname did you introduce yourself?”

This interrogation continued for another 10 minutes. The prosecutor received not a single answer to all 20 questions.

– Tell me, please, how do you explain the fact that wherever you appear, shooting starts everywhere – on the first floor, on the fourth? The blonde prosecutor finally asked her last question.

-Do not bother me, Maria Eduardovna. I’ve already said everything, – the defendant replied smiling.

Recall that the shootout in Moscow City took place on November 17, 2017. On that day, the authoritative businessman Dmitry Pavlov (Pavlik) celebrated his anniversary in the restaurant of the Oko Tower. Among the friends of the hero of the day were thieves in law Oleg Shishkanov (Shishkan), Sergei Aksyonov (Aksen Izmailovsky).

The cause of the conflict was a banal quarrel. The car of one of the guests – Gabriel Yushvaev – blocked the entrance to the building. As a result, a skirmish took place between Yushvaev’s guards and Pavlik’s guards hired for the evening, which grew into a real state of emergency. As a result, one person died and five were injured. Among the victims were Dmitry Yakobson, an employee of the special forces center of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Okhrana” of the Russian Guard, as well as Kirill Titarenko, who were guarding the hero of the day (he received a bullet in the back of the head), and Platon Koida (died at home four days later due to a detached blood clot).

Most of Yushvaev’s guards, like himself, fled abroad.

Moscow City Duma deputy accused of embezzlement reveals a cunning system in court

Moscow City Duma deputy Oleg Sheremetyev, accused of especially large-scale fraud, called himself a victim of the slander. On October 12, the Zamoskvoretsky court of the capital began to consider the criminal case of the parliamentarian. The deputy assures that he did not participate in the machinations with the awards of his assistant and did not appropriate the budget millions.

Parliamentarian Oleg Sheremetyev called his criminal case absurd

According to the investigation, Oleg Sheremetyev, a Moscow City Duma deputy from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, from November 2019 to February 2020, four times submitted to the parliamentary staff memos on bonuses for large sums of his assistant Irina Kuznetsova. Kuznetsova received money on her card, withdrew it from an ATM in the Moscow City Duma building on Strastnoy Boulevard and gave it to her boss. And he appropriated the “laundered” cash. According to investigators, the scam brought Sheremetyev more than 2 million rubles. If the MP is proven guilty, he faces up to 10 years in prison.

The victim in the case was initially recognized as the chief of the Duma apparatus, Alexander Taranov. However, from the first minutes of the trial, the roles changed: at the suggestion of the prosecutor, the Moscow City Duma itself became the victim. The state prosecutor told the details of the scheme imputed to Oleg Sheremetyev.

– From October 29 to November 19, 2019, Sheremetyev had a criminal intent to steal. He chose the budget funds allocated for the functioning of the Moscow City Duma as the subject of the criminal encroachment, – the state prosecutor emphasized, – Sheremetyev submitted four deliberately forged service notes on awarding Kuznetsova. For October and November 2019 for a million rubles, for December for 673 thousand rubles, for January 2020 – 363 thousand rubles, for February – 436 thousand rubles. According to the rules, a deputy of the capital’s parliament can have no more than four full-time assistants who are exclusively subordinate to him. He has the right to reward them for especially important and difficult tasks. Plus, a maximum of 40 volunteer assistants who work without wages can help the deputy.

As it sounded in court, Irina Kuznetsova got a job as a full-time assistant to Sheremetyev last year. She did not know about the boss’s machinations, so she regularly took money from the card for him. The deputy did not plead guilty.

“The accusation is absolutely absurd,” said Oleg Sheremetyev. – The prosecutor read out that I wrote a deliberately false memo. I believe these are defamatory statements. What kind of work is considered especially important is the prerogative of the deputy. Only the deputy decides whether the assistant deserves a prize and how much to award him. No one else has the right to rate it. The prosecutor’s office and the Investigative Committee exceeded their powers by taking over the right to assess.

According to the parliamentarian, the assistant, allegedly, is still a swindler herself: she harbored anger and slandered the boss. And all because Sheremetyev caught her in some machinations and fired her.

– There was no theft. I awarded Kuznetsov. At first, she worked very well and deserved a prize. She said in advance that she was going to use the prize to help residents of the area, – put forward an interesting version of Sheremetyev.

Another assistant to Oleg Sheremetyev, Kirill Anoshin, described Kuznetsova as a cunning, deceitful and wayward woman.

– She was there (in the office of the deputy – editor’s note) for the main one. What she wanted there, she did, she fenced herself off from everyone and spoke negatively about Sheremetyevo, – said Anoshin.

The accountant of the capital’s parliament, questioned in court by a witness, also spoke about the oddities of the distribution of money in the capital’s parliament. According to her, the salary of a Duma official is a complicated thing. In addition to the salary, the full-time assistant to the parliamentarian receives bonuses for special conditions that stimulate payments and bonuses. Whether or not to give a bonus is up to the deputy himself, for whom the assistant works. And most importantly, decisions on bonuses are never checked for validity by anyone.

Fedoseeva-Shukshina prepares for a new court after reconciliation with Alibasov

The details of the trial between Bari Alibasov and Lydia Fedoseeva-Shukshina have become known. The producer and actress reconciled and resolved the housing issue. Until.

It seems that Bari Alibasov and Lydia Fedoseeva-Shukshina finally buried the ax of war. As “MK” managed to find out, the producer and the actress are together again, in love and harmony. The lawyers of the star couple told how the court session ended today.

“On October 12, the Troitsky District Court of Moscow ruled to return the apartment in New Moscow to Lydia Nikolaevna Fedoseeva-Shukshina. Bari Karimovich’s position on challenging the decision will be announced later, ”said Vadim Gorzhankin, PR Director of Alibasov.

Alibasov’s lawyer Oleg Sukhov noted that an appeal is possible. “You can dispute the decision in the appeal of the Moscow City Court within 30 days, and there is every reason for this,” Sukhov said. “However, Alibasov himself has not yet decided whether he will challenge the decision, since he always said that the apartment belongs to Shukshina, and the decision made only confirmed his words.”

Lidia Nikolaevna’s lawyer, Yulia Verbitskaya, in a conversation with MK, noted that the trial and the war for the actress’s apartment were an extremely difficult matter. Verbitskaya does not exclude that the court proceedings will continue.

“With a high degree of probability, both Alibasov and Motsar (who bought Shukshina’s apartment from Alibasov – editor’s note) will not agree with the court’s decision and will continue to fight for Lydia Nikolaevna’s apartment in appeal and cassation,” stressed Verbitskaya. – Well then. We will work and prepare. “

– Did Bari Karimovich and Lydia Nikolaevna really make up?

– Yes, we made up. At least Bari Karimovich withdrew his demands for divorce and dropped the claim. But he was in no hurry to return the apartment. At the request of Lydia Nikolaevna to return the apartment, he said: “How the court will decide.” So the court decided.

– How did you manage to return Lydia Nikolaevna’s apartment?

– We worked hard. The case was extremely difficult. In fact, we have changed the existing practice and this is extremely important. Now everyone who has become a victim of deception will be able to defend their rights and ensure that justice is done. Do you know what I want to say to the readers? Don’t be afraid to defend yourself. Go to the end. Special thanks to the Russian courts for their work and for being true professionals and restoring justice!

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The verdict to Efremov became the most severe in a year with such accidents

The performance, which turned into the criminal case of Mikhail Efremov, is over. On September 8, the Presnensky Court of Moscow sentenced the actor to eight years in a general regime colony. Judge Elena Abramova gave the artist three years less than the prosecutor asked for, and exactly as much as the relatives of the driver Sergei Zakharov, who died in an accident, demanded. But neither the defense nor the prosecution got the applause. The audience’s reaction to this performance was very mediocre: “Come on! We thought they would give more … “- swept along the corridor next to the courtroom immediately after the verdict was announced.

This process could not end calmly: from the very morning the performance began on two stages at once. Malaya, near the house of Mikhail Efremov, gathered his devoted fan-grannies. Under their gaze, the actor’s wife Sofia Kruglikova took the children to school. A little later, Efremov himself showed up. True, he went to the final action of the court play with only one thin blue folder with documents. The artist took neither warm clothes, nor any other belongings with him. Those present began to whisper: is it really hoping for something?

At the same time, the audience in court said:

On the main stage, near the Presnensky court, in the meantime, the action unfolded more abruptly. Everyone was here: a man in the form of a digger, or a ghost hunter, monks, a real shaman in feathers. A couple of minutes before the start of the announcement of the verdict, a column of girls in carnival costumes marched past the stunned bailiffs and police officers. The ubiquitous grandmothers here snatched their moment of glory, lining up in a row in front of television cameras with photographs of Mikhail Efremov in their hands. The photo bore an inspiring inscription: “Misha, you are not alone.”

Close friends came to support the actor – Garik Sukachev and Ivan Okhlobystin. Both celebrities opted to sneak into the courthouse and take a bench in the back corner on the second floor, away from Hall 11 and the press crowd. The main TV star of this process, the defendant’s defender Elman Pashayev, meanwhile, was emotionally explaining something to Sofya Kruglikova. While the parties were pulling up to the courtroom, something unimaginable began to happen on the approaches to the courthouse.

Two men decided to perform a voodoo-style ceremony with the burning of dolls. It is not clear who the ritual was aimed at. The homegrown shamans were quickly tied up by law enforcement officials.

Sergei “Spider” Troitsky, shamans, mummers … Awaiting the verdict near the court turned into a circus. The only thing missing was a bear with a glass of vodka.Photo: Ekaterina Shlychkova

Efremov himself appeared in court, as usual, quietly and unnoticed. Even the shocking baseball cap with the inscription “Non grata”, which used to be often an element of his judicial wardrobe, the actor this time left at home. He came to meet his destiny in a modest dark gray jacket, blue shirt and jeans. There is a permanent medical mask on the face, behind which it is difficult to recognize the emotions of the actor. Although his body language betrayed him. Entering the hall, Efremov got up, hunched over, stared at the blue folder, and remained frozen in this position until the end of the announcement. Sofya Kruglikova, on the contrary, could not hide her excitement and grief. The woman stood directly opposite Judge Elena Abramova and placed two pocket icons on the table in front of her. As soon as the judge began to read the first words of the verdict: “Efremov committed a traffic violation that resulted in the death of the victim …” – the actor’s wife closed her eyes and began nervously drumming her fingers on the table.

There were no surprises in the verdict itself, the reading of which lasted two hours. The court did not believe a single word of the defense witnesses Alyaksandr Kobets, Andrei Gayev and Tevan Badasyan.

Photo: Ekaterina Shlychkova

What is the further fate of this trinity is not yet known. The prosecution previously asked the judge to send material against witnesses for the defense to law enforcement agencies to initiate a criminal case under article 307 of the Criminal Code “Giving deliberately false testimony”. Nevertheless, there is not a word about this in the verdict.

Elena Abramova also walked through the version of the sudden loss of memory by the actor. Perhaps, after a while, some episodes from his memories were erased. But too much Efremov spoke against himself immediately after the accident and the next day. And to the traffic police officers who drove up to analyze the accident, he honestly admitted that it was he who was driving the SUV. And he said the same to eyewitnesses of the tragedy.

Perhaps the only one of the “people of Elman Pashayev” who was lucky this time was an expert auto technician Yuri Fialko. The one who advanced in court a fantastic hypothesis about the influence of energy waves on Efremov’s car or the interception of control by hackers. Judge Elena Abramova condescendingly noted in the verdict that the expert’s statements are a common set of facts from automotive practice. But they have nothing to do with the case of an accident on Smolenskaya Square.

Photo: Ekaterina Shlychkova

Moving on to the culmination, the judge noted that when sentencing, she takes into account the whole bouquet of mitigating circumstances for Efremov. Three young children, undermined health, many years of creative life and state awards. No aggravating circumstances were found. Against this background, it sounded even more offensive: “The court finds that the defendant’s correction is possible only in conditions of isolation from society.”

And then another blow: eight years in a general regime colony.

Mikhail Efremov seemed to be ready to hear this figure – he didn’t even shift from foot to foot, stood rooted to the spot. Sofya Kruglikova stood, clutching the hand of a relative, on which she leaned all the time while the sentence was being read. Against the background of such a silent tragedy, the reaction of lawyers from both sides looked like a special blasphemy. Elman Pashayev’s straight back and absolute zero regret on his face. And his main opponent is in the eternal butterfly, imposingly flipping something on the smartphone screen. As if he already knew everything in advance and nothing could surprise him. I involuntarily recalled the story of the writer Teffi “Fashion Lawyer”, where the defense attorney tried so hard to add sharpness and brightness to the boring process of putting up leaflets that he “achieved” the death penalty for his client.

I wonder what words Pashayev found for his client? Sympathy, a promise to turn everything 180 degrees in the appeal, or at least the banal “sorry, Misha”? One can only guess about this: immediately after the announcement of the verdict, the bailiffs asked the press to hastily leave the hall.

They took Mikhail Efremov out in handcuffs. By the decision of the judge, he was taken into custody in the courtroom. While the actor walked along the corridor, accompanied by guards, he again did not utter a word. A strange thing – none of the journalists, of whom this time there were so many that some did not even fit in the corridor and were forced to be on duty on the stairs, did not dare to ask the actor a single question. Everyone was so impressed by the performance, of which they became involuntary spectators.

The shock was not even caused by the term. Although, in fairness, it should be noted that through the efforts of lawyers, Mr. Efremov ended up in the absolute minority of those accused under Article 264 of the Criminal Code, to whom the court assigns more than five years in prison. The dry statistics of the Judicial Department under the Supreme Court will speak volumes about the failure of the defense. In 2019, 3177 people were convicted under parts 3 and 4 of Article 264 of the Criminal Code. Of these, 1896 were sentenced to imprisonment, including suspended sentences. In real terms, the alignment is clearly not in favor of the strategy of Efremov’s defenders. Up to 1 year received 207 people. From one to two years – 796 people. From three to five years – 261 defendants. From five to eight years – 21 people. Not a single accused under the “Efremov” article received a prison term of eight to ten years last year.

But much more shocking is the fact that the victims of this verdict, in fact, won nothing. The court only partially satisfied the claim of Valery Zakharov (the eldest son of the deceased). Instead of the required 7 million 300 thousand, he was awarded only 800 thousand rubles. Approximately so much Efremov transferred to the victims when they refused his money. So there is an involuntary feeling that there are no winners in this process. Except for the lawyers, who again shone in front of television cameras.

True, this time Elman Pashayev was laconic:

– We will, we will! – the lawyer muttered on the run when the journalists asked him about his intention to appeal the verdict.

The prosecution arranged the verdict. Prosecutor Diana Galiullina called it legal and fair. If the appeal takes place, Mikhail Efremov will have to wait for him in the pre-trial detention center. According to lawyers, the actor will have to spend two months in the dungeons at best. Of course, this time will be credited to him as punishment. At the moment, the court has already credited him with the time spent under house arrest. True, it turned out sparsely. According to the set-off rules, house arrest is the most disadvantageous measure of restraint: two days spent at home are equated to one day in a colony. So 90 days of house arrest magically turned into 45 days. The countdown for Mikhail Efremov started from today. He will have to spend 7 years and 10 and a half months behind bars.

Sentence to Efremov in photographs: views and passions

Sentence to Efremov in photographs: views and passions

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