New insurance for footballers. Clubs will receive pensions for it

Pojiovna Generali is trying to become a new player of the amateur footballers. The coincidence is that the club will receive a pension for each football player. Compared to the… Read more

Hail in Prague destroyed thousands of cars. one hundred million codes

Pojiovny and damaged stable codes that caused hail in Prague on Sunday. For example, Kooperativa reported 2,390 damaged vehicles and 940 mansions. “We hope that today the mucus code will… Read more

Let a neighbor look for a dog vs me stt i pr million

There are cases when my friend’s help is difficult to penetrate. In the dog, for example, he tempts the neighbor who took him out, and you have to pay. If… Read more

Mandatory ruen on hail is not. You must have an emergency connection

On Sunday evening, Kroupy damaged many cars not only in Prague. Damage caused by a natural disaster is not subject to ruin. Those who have accidental insurance or insurance of… Read more