Carry shoes from Wallachia, they will soon be on the floor even without a nvtva

Today, the production of footwear in our centers for small family businesses. Among them is the company Fare z Valaskch Klobouk, which was founded in 1991 and is still run by Alois stek. Every year pichz with new models. And soon they even offer mute shoes. A smart mobile phone and special applications will be available for ordering.

esko used to be a world shoemaking power. Jet in 1990, 70 million shoes were produced in our country and the sector employed tens of thousands of people. Today is different. Globalization brought cheap products mainly from Asian countries, which were later joined by those from neighboring Poland.

For the idea in 2018, traders paid an average of 146 crowns for one bar imported from our northern neighbors, of which one average was 200 crowns. It competes very hard. But Fare is doing well in the long run. Its products are sold by countless shoe stores, you also have stone shops and an e-shop. Current collection of t 500 model shoes. Even the last few months, when the economy was hit by a constraint imposed by the government due to the coronavirus pandemic, have gone without sweating.

How were your business’s arrests?
That would be a long time off. The development of companies has a really very varied history. Spicy, for example, is the memory of starting a business, then going only as a business. At the end of May 1991, I went to the Local National Council in Doln Lhot, where I filled out a few basic data for an A5 format. The establishment of the company was completed and I was able to hire the first employees, rent premises for business and buy basic machines and equipment.

Was it time to get equipment and employees?
Not really. On the contrary, I would say that the field of footwear was directly pedured by the circumstances at that time. At that time, the shoe giant Zlín’s national enterprise Svit went bankrupt. At that moment, both shoe experts and the debtor of the bedroom were available, as well as shoemaking equipment at a company price and free space for rent.

And did you also have for whom shoes t?
We started working for pay for an Italian shoe company. They were very unreliable in the supply of materials, the reward for the work was less, we did not agree on the arrest and they did not pay you here either. I had to find a new partner, this time from Austria.

That was the exact opposite of Italian, eh?
That’s right. This business partner was very passionate. Deliveries of materials and payments were made exactly according to the agreement. He was very consistent in the requirements for the quality of work, which taught us a high-tech school, which was a great advantage for us later. Cooperation with this Austrian partner was the best round for us. At that time, we started to produce our own, simple products. One of the first was a contract for 5,000 children’s slippers for the Baa business. Koen dtsk shoes soon followed.

Dailo se vm s nimi uspt?
From the arrest it was tk. We have always prioritized quality over price, which turned on the final price. Also, these children’s shoes were well sold at the time. People at the time were used to the fact that the price of children’s shoes was only a fraction of the price of adult shoes. Children’s shoes belonged to the category with disputed sales tax (similar to VAT days). Therefore, we expanded our portfolio with adult footwear, where, on the contrary, we were also very price competitive.

Today, however, the first children’s shoes are in the first place. How did it go?
The demands of consumers were constantly rising and it was difficult for us in that situation to hit the supply collection at the level of the requirements of that time. We had to decide which shoe segment we would prefer and which segments would be just accompanying.

Did he decide for children’s shoes then?
Yes, because we had a lot of experience in this field, the necessary knowledge and technology and a very good image in the consumer public. We gradually improved our offer of children’s shoes and enriched them with new models. Thus, Fare gradually became the leading manufacturer on the Czech shoe scene.

What does this mean?
Our current collection consists of about 500 models and consists of 80 percent of children’s shoes. The rest is dmsk and pnsk shoes. From the range of our products, they can choose all size groups, from size 18 and up to an oversized size of 49. This is available in all-season, winter and summer designs. Very different segments are shoes with a membrane and trekking shoes, which we produce in sizes 23 and 48.

Are you so dedicated to barefoot shoes, for?
We developed and marketed Barefoot footwear under the FBARE logo in response to market demands. This is a modern trend in footwear, where great emphasis is placed on minimizing the effect of footwear on the foot. Both in the stage of development of the foot and in adulthood. Literally, a sign for this trend would mean Bos foot.

Over the last 30 years, German products have grown strongly in the Czech Republic. Pat among the first shoes. How sweet is it for vs otzka?
We have not competed with our products since the arrest. We go our own way and certainly not by accident, our products have a very good reputation also in terms of quality. Our production was gradually strongly surrounded by us, and our products around us became the exception. I do not understand this trend and see it as a very negative consequence of the struggle of Western society. For a long time, I hope that our society will wake up in this direction as well, which is paradoxically perhaps the current crown of the crisis.

And what did cheap competition give, for example from Poland?
If the competition has to worry about them, we would know that it is necessary, because it is the first one that forces us to perform. In Poland, throughout modern history, they have loose conditions for doing business, so it can be seen in the results. In Czech society, on the other hand, it will develop into a new and bureaucratic section.

Is it better in time?
Unfortunately, I don’t see any signs of sticking together in this direction. It comes to mind in this context of the beck drha, where you provide each duck with a bak in which you put a different size. For some, just light, for others, and for some, load it. Who will probably fight faster, and who, on the other hand, will still get stuck?

Didn’t that change with the covid-19 pandas?
Unfortunately, not much has changed in this regard.

Pesto, from a certain point of view, can I have this benefit for the industry and your company?
This current situation is just one of the significant episodes we have had to deal with in the course of history. We are an economically healthy company and in the coming years we will be optimistic about this situation.

Did it change your fullness in the future?
Basically not. You had eight stores of your own. But we reduced the ride before the pandem to those in Valaské Klobouky, Luhaovice and Zln. We have only kept stores in the vicinity of the region so that we can more easily manage their operation. There is production to the concept. Retail is just a complementary activity. In addition, growth according to the sale of the dog in the e-shop.

According to vs reln, is the future without the need to test shoes in a stone shop?
Uriting this trend has gained popularity in the field of footwear and has certainly given rise to development. In Fare, internet sales have become a significant sales route. As for your question about the future in the sale of footwear, I see great potential in the production of individual footwear exactly according to the needs of the individual. Today he advanced the level of technology that gets her even long. We are working on this program for us.

Boot na mru pes internet, to je vn mon? How will it work?
So far, I can’t give you full details, but the principle will be that with the help of a special application, you can scan your feet and configure the required shoes on our website. You will have the choice of shape, appearance and design in your hands. It will fully respect the anatomical characteristics of each individual.

And what about the price?
This, of course, is crucial. We are working on such a price, at the end of which the price should not significantly exceed the current price in a retail shoe store.

Do not be afraid to invest even at the present time?
Let’s see the future in the future, so we invest to such an extent as never before.

Let me take a delicate question. Mte dchodov vk. How do you see Fare’s perspective? Learn from your children? Or are you going to sell?
So for the first time. Ctm is crushed and in full swing. I have been led to work since I was a child, I have used to work hard all my life and I still enjoy working. Mm from the first marriage of two her two grown daughters. Unfortunately, she didn’t want to join me in this nron work. For the kind of wife, who is very young, fate was more favorable to me in this regard.

Take to vidte nadjn?
My wife Jana is far from the field, she is a technical type and she really enjoys this job. She has been working for the company for almost two decades and, with diligent commitment, has gradually worked her way up to the highest positions. I am in charge of design, development of new products and technical preparation of production. Gradually, he held the main responsibility for the day at Fare. In this context, I probably should not forget that we have together a twelve-year-old skilled son Martin, who is very actively interested in a day at the company. But this is certainly a temporary weight.

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