Careful: Ten common mistakes we make in trying to learn

economy is a worthwhile feature, but it must be taken for granted. Otherwise, in an effort to save, you can instead let go. Despite the growing financial literacy, due to confidentiality, there are still errors and financial failures.

Buyers are an example of this. ”Every one of us tends to welcome attractive traders that it is better to buy 2 + 1 packages for free or that the product offered in teleshopping is absolutely unbeatable in price and performance,” says Libor Svoboda, Product and Services Manager Potovn spoitelny . In an effort to save, we can survive in other situations.

1. Buy without a list and with an empty bill

If you think that writing a list of what you want to buy is superfluous, because you remember it for a while, you are wrong. If you “went” according to the list compiled in advance, you should not be distracted by the store. I’m looking for those who just look around the shop and look for what they really wanted, heal the baits in the form of various tastings and special offers.

And the empty aludek is a great teacher. Reliability vs forced to buy even what you don’t care about at all. Just give it a go.

2. Buy two, you’ll get it

Regly in shops, especially in supermarkets and hypermarkets, there are only offers of suitable packages 2 + 1, 3 + 1, etc. In case you buy two pieces, you have for free. Do you really need to have more of the same products when you only wanted to buy one?

3. Buy from TV

Several times a day you can watch various teleshopping companies on TV. Then customers will see how only thanks to this weight training machine they were able to lose weight of pounds, and how only thanks to this great meat machine it was not possible to ride.

Don’t buy it when it’s so uinn and cheap. Quickly dial, order and then find out that this is not how you imagined the product at all. The disadvantage of teleshopping is the inability to inspect the goods, try them out and then decide to buy.

4. In the market, cheap but of poor quality

He was able to shop for clothes, shoes and electronics on Vietnamese markets, although he declined. There are many people who will join us here. You can buy cheap and often the last copper extras, but it is not possible to rely on the fact that you will be able to wear clothes for up to five years. After a few expirations, most of them will soon fall apart.

5. Historick spotebie

Many of them have two households – one at home, the other at the cottage. Atu is mostly equipped with old refrigerators, slingshots and microwaves, which they expelled from their urban households. Pro throw them out, when does the jet work? First of all, these old consumptions work known uneconomically, they consume much more electricity than new consumables.

And if they are to be used in cottages for several years, the hunter will spend much more on their consumption, not if he bought a new one.

6. Move the paycheck from here to the wallet

Today, most of the employers sent the payment to their employees to the bank. There are still plenty of clients who will work for a branch of the World Bank on the day of payment and practically choose their pension until the last crown.

This transfer has many rocks. The first step is that at the branch office, pay a fee of several hundred crowns for the withdrawal of cash. If you have a payment card, do not pay that much with your own bank, even with several withdrawals.

The danger is that if you have a bloated wallet, it is easier to spend even money, not when you only have a hundred crowns and do the rest for this and most payments with the help of a card.

7. Nen bankomat jako bankomat

Definitely do not regret the step and if you need to choose your pension from an ATM, look for an ATM in your bank. The reward will be a much lower fee, not if you withdraw your pension from any foreign ATM.

For example, SOB clients pay as much as 30 crowns for withdrawals from ATMs of the Bank of the Bank and from crowns to foreign ATMs. Clients of esk spoitelny at sv banka have three crowns and when withdrawing from a foreign bank even 40 crowns.

8. Pensions in the straw ere inflation

Many people have resigned from the banks and cashed together at home. And often they are really high. Do not realize that the amount of money gradually decreases. Inflation is to blame, which is why pensions are devaluing.

It is much more convenient to save your pension, for example, on a savings bank, where your pension is on average around 1.5 percent (Zuno Bank and Axa Bank two percent, ING Bank 1.75 percent). And if you need a pension right away, you can choose one without it.

9. Not all the gold you ask

Certainly, there are not unique cases of people who came across offers of dubious companies offering inputs that I don’t even know about. Their often lifelong disputes eventually ended up in the pocket of fraud.

Always be aware that “high input = high risk”. Do not sign the contract and the company’s pension, you will get as much information as possible and consult with experts.

10. Zbyten zadluovn

Reimburse attempts to pay at any price, only indebtedly. There weren’t even a few who, on the one hand, where to go, and on the other hand, the rest of the loan.

  • Have a financial reserve in vi and six msg.
  • You are wondering if you really need the everything you want to buy on vr.
  • Only get involved with two-sided companies – such as banks – so that you do not run fraudulently, or do not commit to other products because of the loan (see more in our previous article).
  • Study the credit agreement before you sign it. And if something is not clear to you, ask, do not confirm it with your signature.
  • If you get into trouble with fulfillment, do not put a “dead beetle” and communicate with the bank immediately. You can agree on the postponement of the installment, on the extension of the installment period and on changes in the installment. Banks of long-term employees who are trying to take an active situation in you will usually come out.

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